What is up with the JD bashing on other forums?
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Thread: What is up with the JD bashing on other forums?

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    What is up with the JD bashing on other forums?


    I have any of you been on Tractor by Net lately? I am trying to figure out what is up with all the JD bashing (and even Kubota bashing) on that site now. Some of the comments are very annoying especially when stating that the JD 4000 series tractors specs are well below all the other manufactures. Sure the 4000 series are older now, but I still think they can go toe-to-toe against any other manufacturer out there, and in some cases, they are tanks compared to other manufactures tractors. It is just irritating to see some individuals leading discussions on tractor specs when they do not even understand how they are derived. Then it is the same old statements that JD is way too expensive for what you get when you can purchase another manufacturer's tractor for $10K less, and get a tractor, just as good, if not better than a JD. They also love to discuss how much weaker the 400X and 400CX loaders are against the competitions' loaders based on the pivot pin spec, which what you never measure anyways; they do not ever discuss the loader cycle times that are just as crucial. It is just aggravating to see a number of individuals who bash JD (even Kubota and New Holland) having no idea what they are really talking about and watching people jump on their band wagon. It just seems that there are too many "Spec Jockeys" over there with paper knowledge and not enough real world experience. Owning a 4520, I do have a bias, but am missing something about the 4000 series that is making them antiquated or not up to par with the other "less" expensive manufactures out there? Thanks for the time.
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    There will always be JD haters out there, it mainly stems from jealousy. There will always be the Chevy/Ford thing and it'll never go away. But bashing and the huge amount of misinformation over on TBN has prevented me from returning.

    I wouldn't sweat it. I like all tractors, JD happens to be my favorite.

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    - Jason

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    I can absolutely care less what others think or feel about my tractor. i choose my specific tractor by doing very thorough research (I made my living with doing research), and compared many different manufacturers products in all kinds of comparison. I bought my tractor because I feel it is the right machine for me for the right price. Pretty soon there will be the time that the specs of my tractor are outdated, but that does not change the fact that my tractor is still the right tractor for my applications.
    I really don't care if others don't like my tractor or the brand of my tractor, I have to live with it and pay the bill, they don't! They can write in forums as much negative stuff as they want, it does not make my tractor the wrong tractor for my need!
    Let them talk!
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    I have noticed it, and it seems like there are only about 5 or 10 people that are driving the bus...they just happed to be very squeaky wheels. From my observation, it is the LS and Kioti owners that are the worst offenders. They just don't like John Deere, or the people that own them...who cares? It is kind of fun to poke them a little once in awhile.
    eagle107, it makes me wonder why you've only posted 5 times in two years here? Not much JD bashing going on here.
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    I picked the tractor I wanted.........both times. Both just happen to be John Deere.
    I also did a lot of research, both times............................................. .
    How's the weather where you are?
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    A long while back I started a thread about it in general. Mostly my experience has been with farmers and others that own agricultural equipment. The hatred and resentment I usually hear in person is from individuals who want to blame JD for the disappearance of International Harvester. They refer to JD as being inferior to everything. Very close minded people.

    I once worked for Case IH and always heard it from employees there as well.

    Guess I'm different, because I like and collect various colors and brands. Just not Kubota.

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    Even though I have some quality control issues with my 1026TLB (and a couple design "flaws" IMO) I still love my machine overall. "Forums" for the most part are "annonymous" and there are some who would hide behind that to air their higly critical views, actual or not.

    You have not even read "bashing" until you've been a member of some prototype railroad and HO scale model railroad forums!! Uncivility (a word?) reaches new heights and because of that many useful contributions go unposted. I think THIS FORUM is a perfect balance and I believe a most honest exchange making it most useful and enjoyable. I would also like to plug another "universal brand" site, GardenTractorTalk, which is just what it is labled for the most part. Great atmosphere, well run and a very nice bunch of folks there.

    (Damn my floppy JD seat!)
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    I see this on L&G forums - JD is an easy target, because they're number one and considered to be the best. Those who don't own one, will always try and justify their tractor brand by bashing the other brands. It's never based on facts or experience, but from their own little minds. I wouldn't worry about it and just have pity on them.
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    You have to take that talk with a grain of salt. Some is jealousy, some is pure ignorance. It's similar to the Ford-Chevy debates. I looked hard and did alot of research when I bought my Deere. I don't know if I would say Deere is #1 but it is in the top couple. My opinion is still out on the JD plastic body vs. the Kubota or other manufacturer's metal bodies. I see the advantages to both styles. Deere does seem to use good quality plastic. I like the fact that it won't dent, crease, or rust. Deere may have the best cab and interior layout, including the joystick out there for a tractor, but there was a few things about the Kubota cab I did like a hair better. I don't own a Kubota, but from what I know of them they are solid machines and arguably as good as a Deere.

    Along with New Holland, I looked at several other machines and I even considered an LS tractor. As I narrowed down my choices I decided I would pay more for reputation and dependability and had to decide between Deere and Kubota. Had the timing been a week sooner I would have bought a Kubota Grand L series rather than my 3320 Deere.

    It's sad to say, but my 2012, 3320 cabbed Deere was a lemon from the start. I had issues with the throttle, load match, transmission, fuel gauge, front tires, and the air conditioning had issues 2 summer in a row. A new fuel gauge and sending unit, 2 new front tires, 2 computers, 2 potentiometers, a throttle position sensor, 3 transmission controllers and almost 18 months later it seems to finally be working as it should have from day 1.

    Putting the problems aside my Deere is a nice tractor when working properly. If I were to buy another tractor today I think I would try an LS. It's hard to find a bad word said about them and they have made machines for many years for some of the top tractor companies. LS who is owned by LG is a top name in world wide manufacturing. I recently took a look at them again and they look like they are built decent. It's hard to argue with the longer warranty LS offers. It's hard to argue with the included options LS has included in the price of the tractor that the others such as Deere, Kubota, and New Holland charge a great deal extra for. The price of an LS is a great deal less than these other tractors I mentioned.

    Opinions are what they are. We all have opinions for various reasons. I paid alot of extra money to buy a Deere in an attempt to get quality and dependability which gives peace of mind. Considering the problems I had with my Deere for the first 18 months I feel I well over paid compared to what I could have gotten with an LS tractor. At the same time, I have never owned an LS and I don't personally know anyone who has. Maybe I could have had issues with that too? At the same time I would have paid several thousand dollars less than what I did for my Deere. I won't know until I own an LS someday when ever that may be.
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    What is an LS?
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    Looking for JD Parts check here on JD's official parts website.

    Have no idea where to start with JD Parts check here for a how to.

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