Uh oh, the word's gettin' out
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Thread: Uh oh, the word's gettin' out

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    Uh oh, the word's gettin' out

    Right out there in the open for the general public to read! I bet the government is in total CYA mode.

    Mowing dilemma: High-ethanol fuel may ruin small motors : Lincoln, NE Journal Star

    Amazing what one can find on Yahooha home pages some days...
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    That's very interesting. I've heard and read a lot about Ethanol, but have never seen it at the pump. I'm not quite sure but I think our gas has some Ethanol in it. The article talks about buying gas without any Ethanol - there is no difference around here as far as I can tell - gasoline is gasoline.

    I do know that a logger friend of mine always uses premium gas for his saws. I actually don't have any small engines that I run anymore - just good 'ol #2 in my tractor.
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    Wonder if they are going to do a "cash for mowers" buy back, after the "mandates" have ruined them?
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    All gas contains some ethanol these days (5-10%) It's one of those hidden things that makes it more difficult to get good mileage out of a car. Ethanol is a less efficient fuel than gasoline and you burn more of it to go the same distance as gasoline. It's not about fuel efficiency or the environment - it's about subsidies to the corn industry.

    I'm not a fan in case you couldn't tell.

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    Ethanol isn't as bad as some make it out to be. Most of our gas has ethanol in it. Now id rather have straight gas but 10% ethanol hasn't caused me any real problems and I have a number of small gas engines .
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    Post #33 on the following thread: http://www.greentractortalk.com/foru...html#post97952

    Member Dingeryote posted this website: Ethanol Free Gas Stations

    The only place around here with no ethanol in gasoline is super unleaded in Canada. That's where we buy the gas to put in our saws, pumps, etc. at the fire station. It's worth the $6 per gallon.

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    NO comment. Although I could have a bunch. None of which would support Ethanol.

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    There are a lot of winners when it comes to ethanol....

    Farmers, parts and service companies, new product manufacturers and the retail stores that sell you the new stuff, and the tax collector when you have to pay to fix or replace something 10 years before it would have normally lasted.

    Now you've just bought a new fangled plastic Chinese made POS that won't last a fraction of the time your old one did, and the cycle continues.

    There is only one looser when it comes to ethanol....

    The consumer.
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    I've had nothing but trouble with that 10% stuff. Mostly during storage periods. Been using 93 Octane w/ Seafoam or Sta-Bil, to try to mitigate. This site may help some folks:

    Ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejb69 View Post
    Ethanol isn't as bad as some make it out to be. Most of our gas has ethanol in it. Now id rather have straight gas but 10% ethanol hasn't caused me any real problems and I have a number of small gas engines .
    I've not had any fuel related issues in any of my small equipment BUT I have seen quite an uptick in small engines needing repair due to fuel related issues.

    All of my fuel and most all of my equipment is stored in doors. I run all equipment at least once a month, even during cold moths. Let 'em get hot and shut 'em off.

    Every time I have someone bring me a small engine with fuel issues, it and the fuel sit outside for months on end. Some under a lean too others just out in the open or under a partially covered deck. My dad is real bad about it. The last time I was at his place he had three cans of gas with missing caps. A paper towel was just stuck in the nozzle. When I was a kid this didn't affect his equipment, now it does.

    I think the biggest thing ethanol is doing is exposing those that don't take proper care of their equipment. It makes it impossible to ignore servicing and storing the equipment properly.

    Long term effects, "running hotter" as the article states, not sure. Part of that issue is parts being used are of poorer quality, pot metal and aluminum as compared to good ole cast iron. I don't expect any new Briggs to last 30 years but some of the running hotter is the leaning out the fuel ratio and using non adjustable carbs. It isn't just the fuel causing these engines to run hotter.

    And for the record, I don't like ethanol, there is no reason we should be using it.
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