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    Sleep Number beds

    Do you own one? If so, do you like it and is it worth the money you paid for it?

    They're really expensive, but if they alleviate back pain and allow good sleep, they may be worth it. Warranted for 25 years. Seems like a quality product, but I was hoping to hear from some current owners.
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    We had one, gone now, wife hated it. She even started sleeping on the couch to get away from it. Seemed like an over priced air mattress to me.
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    Have had one now for about five years. Love it. We have one with a memory foam top. Something like the P7? I can't remember the model. Go to the store if there is one nearby you. They will show you the pressure points on your body depending on how you lay on the bed. This determined your sleep number. The higher the number the firmer. Something like 75% of people fall between 45-60. I always thought I liked a firm mattress. But I'm around 55-60. Everyone Ive ever talked to with the exception of one person has loved there's. I don't think they are that expensive vs a high end mattress when you consider the warranty and the fact that you have any mattress firmness you desire at the push of a button.
    I also have back pain but I don't think any mattress will cure a degenerative disc and a pinched nerve.
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    Daughter and sil has had one for 7 yrs or more. We bought one a yr ago and yes very expensive. No store near by , so just going by what my daughter and sil was telling us. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't order the low legs. For me seems to close to the floor, but oh well. Like surveyor was saying I always liked a mid to firm mattress and thought I would like a 75-80 setting nope any where from 50-65 at most.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    I'm rather disappointed with mine, I think if I had gotten the top of the line I would be happier but it was a couple grand more for it and I didn't think it would make that much difference, now I think I should have spent the extra. They are way overpriced, a very high markup.
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    We have had three ourselves over the decades, and currently have an additional one in the guest room plus our own as well. The wife had a back/neck issue from a rear end collision back then and it really helped. The sleep quality is quite good for each of us and it is important to be able to set each side separately.

    Now the downside...the early air pumps and hoses were a bit fragile -- and each time we moved (20+ years ago, and then again recently) the movers seemed to find a way to induce a micro-leak in each system. Since the design had been upgraded over the years, we went for replacements as the warranty was nearly gone on a 15+ year old unit (I think it is full replacement for 2 years, then pro-rated...)

    We had a memory foam topped one for a time but when the movers broke it we went back to the less complex construction as it is lighter and a bit easier to change the bedding, etc.

    Beds are very personal and different folks have different preferences and needs. Try one for their 90 night trial period and if you don't like it just return it...

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    We have had ours for several years and my wife and I love it. I can adjust it depending on how my back is. I sleep much better on it than I have foe years on some other very expensive conventional mattresses. I could never understand why good conventional mattresses cost so much. I know the Sleep Number beds cost a lot. I do not believe the cost is that bad when compared to good quality conventional mattresses.

    My normal sleep number is 70. I do go up or down from that depending on how my muscles and back are feeling. I do have a neurological problem which gives me pain and this adjustable bed has really helped me out. It is nice to be able to sleep again.
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    I've had one (P6) for a little over a year know. Love it and hate it. My normal sleep number is 45. I sleep great on it. No coil spring mattress comes close (was on one last night and slept like crap). What I don't like is the casing isn't stiff enough to keep the two air chambers from moving apart, causing a depression/hole in the center. I've resorted to wrapping rope around the outside foam to try a keep them from moving but I don't think it really works that great.

    As gimmo said, maybe a higher line would have been better but I don't like memory foam.

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    I mainly sleep on my stomache and sides, and a extra firm mattress feels the most comfortable. Tried all the sleep number beds and I sprawl so the divider in the middle didnt work for me when my wife chooses a softer setting. That and the whole pump thing. Its just one more thing to break.

    I really just couldn't do it, even if the prices were less than we paid for our King. I looked for 2 months at a dozen stores to find the heaviest guage highest coil count that felt complete. No pillowtop. No sweaty memory foam.

    If I was a back sleeper, and I do hammock camp, I might think the sleep number bed would fit.

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    We love ours as my wife likes hers squishy soft, and I like mine firm. When my back blows out, I ramp it up close to maximum, and then back down to around 60 - 70 as I recall after my back recovers. We didn't get a top of the line model as the pillow top defeated the purpose of adjusting the bed's firmness when we tried them out in the store. Ours is a mid-grade model as I recall.

    We haven't had a problem with the different air pressures causing a depression in the middle.

    A few years back, a nearby lightning strike fried the pump and they had a new one out to us very quickly. The prorated price was acceptable especially since we got wireless remotes instead of wired remotes with the replacement pump.

    As for price; yeah they are high; but that's because they really don't have any competition at this point in time.
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