September 11
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Thread: September 11

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    September 11

    Tomorrow, all over America there will be ceremonies to commemorate September 11, 2001. There will be large ceremonies in cities, and small ceremonies in small towns. Please try to take time to attend one in your area.

    I can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of time to put one together. I live near a very small town. Two residents of the county were killed in the World Trade Center. The mother of one of the young men has erected a memorial to all who were killed. The ceremony is brief, usually less than one hour. I can't tell you how proud it makes one feel to look over what used to be a hay field, now turned into a beautiful park and memorial, and see three or four hundred people paying respects. The speaker this year is the father of a young Soldier killed in Iraq.

    If you have an opportunity to attend a ceremony, please do. The Global War on Terror is far from over.

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    I'm afraid this "war on terror" is still in its infant stage and will go on for many many years. There is just too many people around the world filled with hate for the U.S.
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    Thanks you Don, I unfortunately will be at a funeral tomorrow for a very tragic death in my wife's family this weekend.

    I can only hope and pray America is safe tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gimmo View Post
    I'm afraid this "war on terror" is still in its infant stage and will go on for many many years. There is just too many people around the world filled with hate for the U.S.
    Oh come on....I'm optimistic that it will be a shorter war than the crusades, which lasted what? about 500 years?
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    Rest in Peace LT. Peter Freund NYFD. I remember.

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    Praying for a peaceful day today. Grateful to first responders who bravely run in where most run out. I used to go to the pentagon daily and no doubt had met some of those lost in the Navy travel office. Just lucky I wasnt there then. It seems likely it will be a very long war.

    LT. Peter Freund NYFD thank you for your service.

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    Very sorry to hear that Kenny, hang in there and I hope your family will be OK from it.

    I remember I was going to work at Lear and heard it on the AM radio. I had no clue how bad it really was until I gt there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyd View Post
    Thanks you Don, I unfortunately will be at a funeral tomorrow for a very tragic death in my wife's family this weekend.

    I can only hope and pray America is safe tomorrow.

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    I had to go into work early for training on a new computer system. I was listing to Drew & Mike, the local morning show in Detroit. One of the two is an amateur pilot. When the first reports came in that a plane hit the towers they were laughing and carrying on about it thinking it must have been some wayward goof in a Cessna that got lost in the fog. When they found out what happened their moods changed completely. I think it was the most somber day in their carriers.

    When I got to work they had not gotten the computers up yet. Everyone was talking about the first plane. While waiting for our training to start we turned on the only tv we had. The tv could have not been on for more than 30 seconds when we watched in horror the second plane crash.

    This day will be the day I will never forget. In a way it will be for me much like the day Kennedy was assassinated for the older generation. I can vividly remember the major parts of my day that day.

    Some May but I will never forget.

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    Thirteen yrs ago a electrician was changing out the main electric panel at our storeroom. I was turning off all equipment in the room and then after he changed to new panel then I would turn everything back on and test making sure everything worked.
    I was advised by the supervisor to make sure they could get to our company website and to either Yahoo or Google .
    I knew it wasn't anything the electrician had done but was having major problems getting to Yahoo on one of the desktops. Told the electrician what was taking place so we decided to do the next pc in that room. While walking out to the garage area, noticed Yahoo had finally come up and a live feed of Trade Center was being shown with all the smoke. I told the electrician (a veteran) and his dad what they were showing on pc. We went in the room and watched the news for about an hour. What a shock, everything so confusing and yes oh so real.

    In the mean time I called some of the coworkers I knew in the DC area , they confirmed everything they had heard and seen at the Pentagon .
    Like others I remember the day when our principal announced (with a hesitation ) of Kennedy being shot. I will never forget either of these two days.

    When we got home that evening , we had just switched from Direct to Dish and they had our local channels as NY. Watched the news from NY for 2 or 3 weeks till the networks decided they needed to go back to normal TV. We got to see a lot more than what the Pittsburgh stations was showing.

    May we never forget !

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    God bless America, and America's allies.

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