Gas under $2.00 a gallon?
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Thread: Gas under $2.00 a gallon?

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    Gas under $2.00 a gallon?

    Never thought I'd see this again. Heard on TV tonight that gas is selling for $1.99 a gallon in Oklahoma City.

    They say we may see that price here by New Year's, currently we are around $2.39.

    Wondering what prices other areas are seeing?
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    In central Alberta it is at .86/litre which is about 3.21/US gallon.

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    $3.11 here yesterday, a looong way from "under $2". Of course this is the Emperor's State and we live under very different fuel tax rules than the real people on the outside do. I'll wager something will happen or be caused to happen that will "stimulate" the prices again. I hope to see diesel under $3.25, it's $3.45 now...

    Since we became "the largest exporter of oil products", does it strike anybody else as odd that this price drop happened overnight? No gradual drop in price as we gradually became top oil dogs? I smell artificially inflated "fish oil" or a rat.

    One thing for sure, we've all already paid for this "vacation" 100 times over since the gas lines of the '80's.
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    In Morgantown WV around $2.85 same owner and distributor where his business started 21 miles away 4 miles from my house $2.95 go figure.
    Yesterday SW Penna having higher gas taxes than WV seen $2.95--$3.19
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Filled up the wife's mini van last night for $2.43 a gallon.

    Can't wait for diesel to catch up
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    $2.76 a gallon here where I'm at. 40 minutes away in Madison I filled up for $2.64 a gallon last week. Problem where I'm at is that as gas goes down, diesel goes up. I was paying $3.59 a gallon for diesel, now it's $3.79.
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    $2.64 for gasahol yesterday, $2.94 for regular unleaded. Diesel = 3.79
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    Been hanging at $3.00 per gallon here. Notice I didn't write $2.999 - I just can't stand that 10th of a cent business - I mean really - come on........

    Still much better than the $3.80 it was all spring and summer. I can just see the state (PA) pull a trick like they did some years ago when the price of gas went way down and they saw that as an opportunity to increase the tax on gas.

    This decrease has helped my budget though. Even though I only use my truck 2-3 times a month for grocery runs, my gas bill is still more than my electric bill.
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    $2.49 here as of yesterday.

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    2.34 here yesterday and supposed to go down more today. It sure is so much relief to be able to fill that 35 gallon tank in my van... I can do it for under a hundred dollars again!
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