RIP Anthony Bourdain
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Thread: RIP Anthony Bourdain

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    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    New York (CNN)Anthony Bourdain, a gifted storyteller and writer who took CNN viewers around the world, has died. He was 61.

    CNN confirmed Bourdain's death on Friday and said the cause of death was suicide.

    How can someone hurt that much? Truly sad...
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    Wasn't familiar with him as I don't watch CNN but suicide is a very tough one to understand. My wife lost a classmate a few years ago to suicide, even though she was not really friends with him it hit her pretty hard. My condolences to his family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubber View Post
    How can someone hurt that much? Truly sad...
    I don't know how someone can hurt that much, but they do. The truly sad part about it is that, often, no amount of counseling, treatment, medication, etc. will help them get past that hurt. Also sad is that those that are hurting often cannot articulate why they're hurting so much - they just hurt.

    It is truly sad. I pray for Bourdain's family as well as the family of Kate Spade... as well as those families who you will never hear of since their family members aren't famous.
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    At some point you just want a break from the suffering.

    I deal with major depression. Mine's caused by multiple factors: broken body, chronic pain, unable to work full time or even part time really, unable to achieve previous life goals, unable to do things once pleasurable, etc. You reach a point inside where giving up is easier than the daily struggle to subsist. I'm only here because my kid already lost his biological father to cancer, and for some reason the Mrs. still wants me around. I'm worth more dead than alive on paper (insurance would cover me capping myself as it's been in place over 2 years - yeah, I read that part specifically).

    All told; I'm not deployed in the sandbox hell that my brothers are (I'm a vet). I have all my limbs even if they don't work right full time. I'm not as bad off as a lot of people, and have a pretty cool life for being broke. I "knew" all of this in my head last year when I had a pretty severe depressive episode after washing out of yet another "slacker" job I wasn't able to perform, but in my heart I didn't accept it. I've gotten better and am finally starting to feel more like myself again. It's been a rough 18 months!

    Once you commit to the idea of whacking yourself, that option is always in your head. It never stops coming up. "Well, if this goes South, I can die." Just a little voice that never goes away.
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    I used to enjoy watching his travel/eating shows. He didn't come off as the sort of guy that would off himself. You never really know what's in the heart of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Timber View Post
    I deal with major depression. ... I'm not as bad off as a lot of people
    You have a couple of advantages a lot don't: a tractor & GTT.
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