Vinnie's eye isn't fixable
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Thread: Vinnie's eye isn't fixable

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    Vinnie's eye isn't fixable

    I could've saved us all a bunch of trouble had my two "consulting" veterinarians known that dogs pupils are operated by the same muscle group and aren't independent like humans.

    Monday was our "pre-op" consult for Vinnie's cataract repair. After a few tests, and a check for glaucoma, the Dr. proclaimed Vinnie's optic nerve had either detatched or the macula was destroyed. He could do ultrasound and an EMG to be absolutely sure (to the tune of another $340), but Vinnie failed all the tests he performed aside from the pressure (no glaucoma yet). We're too late.

    The Dr. agreed that Vinnie had suffered a severe eye injury, and he thought it likely caused loss of optical function at that time due to major infection or some such. The cataract formed in response to the infection and it's a testament to Vinnie's spirit that he's even got the eye now. He's a fighter!

    Many of you generously donated to help with the surgery, which is no longer an option. We'll still have additional ongoing expenses for glaucoma checks (@ $140 a pop annually), and my intention is to put the funds into a HSA of sorts for Vinnie's eye care; or I'm totally willing to return your money if that's what you'd prefer. Just let me know.

    We got our first round of treats (as instructed by other donors) on Tuesday after my bad mood subsided following the Vet visit. Vinnie loves chewing on antlers, and really loves these smoked cow bones, so we loaded up on them.

    Of course Lexi had to photo bomb the pic.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the update. Not worried. You did the right thing and it makes me chuckle to know your dog has an HSA.
    Welcome to Intermission.

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    Keep in mind that dogs don't understand the concepts of "disabled" or "handicapped". So, Vinnie takes what's happening to him in stride as if it's all normal. When an animal is in pain or uncomfortable all of the time due to illness or injury, that's when you have to evaluate things differently. For now, so long as he isn't hurting, he's thrilled just to be around, especially in light of having a human that cares about his overall wellbeing.

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    Animals are extremely adaptable, especially to injuries and what are often called "Handicaps" by humans. As long as Vinnie is healthy overall, and he is happy, which obviously he is, then that is the main thing. Just make sure he is all set with all of his other medical care and his Heart worm and Lyme disease tests are done annually, along with base line blood work, etc. to check his over all health.

    Use the funds sent to deal with his regular vet bills and to make sure he is on the best heart worm, Lyme disease and other preventative protocols. I know I had my two canine kids at the Vet for thorough check ups and after losing my Chloe Bell recently, I wanted each of my girls to under go complete exams and the full blood panels, urinalysis and fecal tests. Then we had them supplied with the Flea and Tick, Heart worm and other medication, plus we put Sulley Bear (the real one) on Rimadyl for some joint discomfort as she just celebrated her 9th birthday recently.

    By time we got all of this handled, the bill was just over $1,000 for the vet care and the years supply of medications, excluding the Rimadyl which is almost $150 per month for her dosage.

    So, just apply the money towards his current and future medical care, and of course, keeping him in treats which he enjoys.

    Sorry to hear they couldn't repair his eyesight, but he has likely adapted quite well. Just keep him healthy and happy, that's the main thing.

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    Dash lost an eye about 3 years. Went out with him on 4th of July morning and chucked his ball. When he was coming back up the hill I saw his eye was white. Had severe glaucoma, most likely from injury. We have no clue what happened, he and one of the other dogs playing etc.

    Medicine got the swelling down and we did drops for six months. Vet said taking it out would be easier on him so it’s been two and 1/2 years. He has never missed a beat. You have to watch putting new things down in regular path on non-side, like where he ran through the garage in WI to the back door. The heavy hitch on cart doesn’t even move when he hit it.. Also I have to throw balls and toys to the eye. And when he naps eye side down like in pick he doesn’t need a sleep mask.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the follow up on Vinnie. Went to the vet yesterday and just a basic visit with 2 shots was 155$. I also chuckled the Vinnie has a HSA. Good luck with him
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    Sorry to hear this, but as others have said, Vinnie will persevere! Just happy that he's not in any discomfort.

    Like the others that have spoken up so far, keep the little bit of money that I sent and use it towards his continuing care. Vinnie is lucky to have a buddy like you... and you are lucky to have a buddy like him!!
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    Jim Timber-sorry to hear that about Vinnie's eye. talked to Charley boy-and he said tell vinnie to keep the -ok. and use it for whatever else he might need.

    i laughed too-once i googled what a HSA is. boy-i'm really behind in the world-huh.

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