Chewy.Com Special Offer for Pet Parents, Extra 40% SAVINGS Available
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Thread: Chewy.Com Special Offer for Pet Parents, Extra 40% SAVINGS Available

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    Chewy.Com Special Offer for Pet Parents, Extra 40% SAVINGS Available

    For a limited time, Chewy.Com is offering 40% off your FIRST order when you select to "Auto Ship" the same order each month. Here is the picture of the order screen I just placed demonstrating the huge savings.

    This took what was a Very Good Deal and made it a GREAT DEAL........

    We have been using for many of our Canine Kids food and treat purchases. Their prices are outstanding and their delivery service is the fastest from any online source we order from.

    We tend to use the same canine treats and items over and over. For example, Large Milk Bones. When we walk our kids everyday through the neighborhood, Mrs. Bear puts a big Milk Bone in a snack sized zip lock bag and puts one in the mail box for each canine neighbor. Smaller dogs get smaller Milk Bones or treats. She told me there are now 14 dogs on our daily walk route.

    Funny thing is we know each of the dogs names on the route, but not necessarily the names of their owners. Before my wife gives any dog a treat, she always sends an email request to the dogs parents seeking their permission first, before directly giving them anything. Just as we wouldn't want someone to give our kids a treat without our knowledge and permission, we follow the same rules and respect with other's canine companions.

    There are always at least 2 dogs waiting to see us each day rain or shine, even in the snow, a Springer Spaniel named "Quinn" and a Golden Retriever named "Obee". Those dogs sit inside their under ground fence perimeter and wait for us each day. Mrs. Bear walks up to each dog and pets them and gives them their treat. Everyone, including Mrs. Bear, looks forward to seeing our canine friends every single day. If it's raining, we will either use umbrellas or I will drive Mrs. Bear to at least see the 2 waiting for her. In the winter we walk and if it's really severely cold, I will deliver the milk bones with my tractor. Otherwise, these two will sit out in the snow and rain and wait for us to appear.........

    My wife told me today we go through at least 20 pounds of Milk Bones a month for "Friends", so I put these on our regular "Auto Ship Order" for
    Check out the difference in pricing for these same items if I bought them at the local PetsMart store

    10# Large Milk Bones $11.95 per box = $11.95
    Purina Chewnola Treats 10 ct = $14.95
    Taste of the Wild Premium Food $2.39 per can, (Qty 24) = $57.36
    Subtotal would be $84.26 plus 6% Tax of $5.06
    Total from Local PetsMart = $89.31

    Normal Auto ship Monthly cost = $62.23
    (Savings monthly of $27.08 which equals $324.96 per year! over PetsMart)

    With 1st Month Discount of an extra 40%,
    the total 1st Year savings = $348.88 over same purchase at Petsmart

    So, if you have regular needs for your pet friends, consider this Auto Ship Service as well as the EXTRA 40% SAVINGS on your first order. It really adds up fast....Just keep in mind that Your order has to total $49 in order for free 1 to 2 day shipping for the greatest savings.

    Another important detail, you determine the frequency of your Auto Ship Order to best fit your needs. It doesn't have to be every 30 days. This is a great feature, plus you can easily change or start and stop the items at anytime. They claim the extra 40% off for the Auto Ship First Order is for a limited time, Check out their website for details.

    We Wanted to bring this savings to the attention of anyone who might want to have the Auto Ship feature. It sure is handy to have the stuff you need arrive without having to remember to order it....... That's a savings of $27 per month or $324 per year, just on dog food and treats.

    This is $324 a year which we can add to Sulley Bear's and Beasely's Retirement investment portfolio. After all, Since our canine kids age 7 years for every 1 of our human years, that means they are ready for retirement in slightly more than 9 years, so you have to save every penny for their "Golden Years"....., or their "Shepherd Years, Lab years, Mutt Years, etc."

    Hope Everyone has A Great Day.......
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    I agree Sulley. We started using them about 2 years ago. We used to use a local shop, as I will support local before I support abroad. The former owner sold the business. Former owner use to keep our Canniday <sp in stock for just us. We bought it from him each month, two large bags. New owner stopped getting these in. She told us that she would order them for us for the next time we came in. Three months later she only had the one in stock. This was the third time I had to change businesses in getting our dog food. Then I found Placed the order for the same timie of the month and it is on time every month. They email us three days prior to let us know it is on the way. At that time you can adjust your schedule. Which I have done once. Shows up at the front door. Easy to deal with.
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    Great deal! Better story!

    We started that about 6 months ago with the same 40% discount. And we donít have get to the store when we run out.
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    we have used Chewy for a year and are very happy with them. Have a standing order for each 4 weeks, saves time and money.
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