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Thread: Books, books, books

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    Books, books, books

    Since there's a "movies, movies, movies" thread I decided I'd start this one. What's everyone reading now? What's your favorite read? What's something you plan on reading in the future?

    Right now I'm reading "The Long Way Home," by Ed Dover. It's the story of the Pacific Clipper, a Pan Am Boeing 314 flying boat caught in Auckland, New Zealand when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. With Japanese fleets who knows where in the Pacific, the decision was made for them to return to the US by flying westward instead of retracing their flight path to Honolulu. You really have to adjust your mindset to the time, when flying was still dangerous and an adventure. The Pan Am Clippers were the height of travel in the late 1930s, with a round-trip trans-Pacific flight costing about the equivalent of $30,000 dollars today. You dressed for dinner, which was prepared in flight by chefs from 4-star hotels and served on fine china and silver by white-coated stewards. Basically the way the richest of the rich traveled on the Titanic and other passenger liners, or by train. Stops were at all the exotic South Pacific locations - Hawaii, Fiji, New Caledonia - with the journey taking 6 days in all. (The Clippers cruised at 188mph, or 1/3 of a modern airliner's speed.) It helps to have some knowledge of aviation and geography, but if you let your imagination run free I'm sure you'll feel it. I was born 80 years too late!
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    I’m pretty sure we had a book thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyd View Post
    I’m pretty sure we had a book thread

    The Book Thread
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    Pity. I liked the idea of Books, books, books as part of a matched set. Didn't know the other thread existed either. Saw FG posted "I like Murder Mysteries, and "Whodunnit" stories." and that she liked Dick Frances. Yet another thing we have in common...

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    Since the other book thread was last posted on April 2017, why not have another? Lord knows we have dozens of duplicates on many topics, like Wheel Spacers, Auto Connect Deck issues, etc. We even now have 2 Good Morning threads, but for "technical reasons", reportedly.

    I am Currently reading "Basic Economics" by Dr. Thomas Sowell. He is truly a gifted author and a brilliant economist. Very interesting guy, actually. I have read several of his other books including most recently, "Discrimination and Disparity" as well as on Trickle Down Economics. The next book of his I am looking forward to reading is titled "Black Rednecks and White Liberals".

    While I already have a full grasp on the function of our economy, the differences in capitalist, socialist and feudal economies and the actual results of various economic policies, it's still a very enjoyable read. Historical looks at the impact of our Foreign Trade policies is also very relevant to what is going on now daily in the Trump Administration. Dr. Sowell has a real talent for taking complex economic and social issues and making them interesting to follow and easier to comprehend. For anyone wanting to learn more about Economics but not interested in diving into charts, graphs and theories, I encourage you to read one of Dr. Thomas Sowell's books on the area of interest.

    As the political lines have been drawn the past 10 years or so, the issue of economics has also become a big part of the discussion. While this book doesn't take political stances, it's easy to see how the differences in opinion are becoming more defined than ever. It's also amazing that with the historical results of Socialist nations and how they dramatically diminish the standard and quality of life for their citizens, yet another generation insists that a socialist economic agenda and approach is the answer to our nations. After all, take a look at Venezuela right now.......when as much as 75% of a nations population is in crisis over hunger and nutrition and the average person has lost over 20 pounds of their body weight, it really shines a light on the cost of "free" and the failed policies of Chavez and Maduro.

    Perhaps these books aren't the fictional escapes which many like when reading, but I enjoy them......
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    Books, books, books

    No problem Sully. We can close any duplicate threads.
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