Celebrating 50 Years of the Canadian Flag
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Thread: Celebrating 50 Years of the Canadian Flag

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    Celebrating 50 Years of the Canadian Flag

    For those Canuks out there, how many remember this day in 1965 when the Red Ensign came down and the Canadian Flag was hoisted? I was 6 years old in grade one and somehow my teachers were able to instill in us that this was something big and it has stuck to this day. I even remember it wasn't too cold to be standing outside for the ceremony. I don't remember the Engign coming down but sure remember the Maple Leaf going up. I fly one in my yard and will do so to the end!

    Here are a few clips to commemorate, the last one is a little longer but gives a good historical account.

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    It's nice to have some great neighbors to the north


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    Interesting! Thanks for posting. I never knew that about the Canadian flag.
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    Congrats!! I just thought that is what it always was. To bad our neighbors to the south aren't as great as our neighbors to the north.
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    I remember! Yay for us, yay Canada! I've always thought our flag was iconic, as good flags should be. Ours, the American flag, the British flag, and a handful of others are instantly recognizable.

    I was in Grade 2 and barely remember learning how to draw our new flag in school.

    It's pretty much an accident of history and timing and family migration where any of us are born, raised, fight wars, raise families, and choose to live... Glad I live in the free part of the world, with strong and free neighbours to the south.

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    Congrats to Canada - our best friends on the planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyd View Post
    It's nice to have some great neighbors to the north

    It's nice to have great neighbors to the south too...!!!....especially with their MGD, Texas BBQ, Barrett's, Browning's, F22's, Carrier Groups, SEAL team six's and what not.....!!!

    I've not ever known anything but the Maple Leaf, and I am damn proud of it. We're far from perfect, but there's lots and lots of good people up here.

    Thanks to all my American friends on here, and America as a whole for watching our backs for the last 70 years.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmgirl19 View Post
    Interesting! Thanks for posting. I never knew that about the Canadian flag.

    Same here^^^^
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    Celebrating 50 Years of the Canadian Flag

    I've always like the Canadian National Anthem. A song that was written for the purpose instead of an old pub song that was rehashed.

    I've also noticed that the vast majority of hockey fans no matter what side of the border respect each others flag and anthem.

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