Calling all Americans, President George H.W. Bush passes away
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Thread: Calling all Americans, President George H.W. Bush passes away

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    Calling all Americans, President George H.W. Bush passes away

    It greatly saddens me to say that I just heard on NBC that President George H. W. Bush has died. God Rest His Soul.
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    Thanks. Sorry to hear.
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    He lived a full life to the end! Jumping out of good airplanes is something I won't do and at his age?? He was the oldest living president too!

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    RIP George Herbert Walker Bush

    He was a remarkable man and I have to wonder what our world would have been had he won the Presidency again.

    Certainly on a human level, he lived a life of faith to his God, his country and family that most of us fail to live up to. He was a good and great man but perhaps not as good a political candidate as those who succeeded him.

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    I heard this last night. Very sad news indeed. I think he was really underrated as a President. But he really was an accomplished man - war hero, businessman, congressman, head of the CIA, Vice President, President and FAMILY MAN!! I remember him talking about a "Kinder and Gentler America" and also the "Thousand Points of Light".

    I'm watching Fox news this morning and they just interviewed a cartoonist that did a really touching cartoon when Barbara Bush died and he did a follow-up last night.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    RIP Mr. President.
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    Main he RIP

    Prayers for his family.
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    Calling all Americans

    RIP President.

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    George Bush senior

    RIP George Bush. They don't make them today like they used to! I liked him!
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    Now rejoined with Barbara, his best friend and the love of his life. She was an excellent first lady, Classy and tough. The kind of grandmother that would keep the kids in line with a firm hand, but they always knew they were loved deeply. She was the type of grandmother that it would bother you more to have her tell you she was disappointed in you than had she smacked you with a back hand for mouthing off.

    They were both part of a generation which is nearly now gone and with it, much of the self determination, strong will and the "can do" attitude which helped our nation survive WWII and thrive after the war. It seemed very unlikely that she would predecease him, but that's exactly what happened.

    Saw a picture not that long ago where Bill was visiting with G.H.W. Bush. Despite their differences, they held a special friendship as being part of one of the smallest fraternities in the world, former U.S. POTUS's. Can't think of another time in history when the President's Funeral will be attended by another former POTUS who also is a son.

    I am so glad the media's attempt to besmirch President G.H.W. Bush during the "Me Too" hysteria this past summer failed to gain any traction and was very quickly dismissed, just as it should have been. What nonsense........

    I am sure Mrs. Bush has already been by the Rainbow Bridge to pick up Millie and their other beloved pets and now they can once again all be rejoined.

    I wonder if President Bush will be interred wearing one of his famous pairs of unique socks? Probably........

    Despite all the challenges, Time marches on...........I just hope our country can as well with the dissent and division permeating our nation.

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    I agree with everything Mark02tj said. Both cartoons bring tears to my eyes ever time I see them. I hope history remembers him just way Mark wrote it.


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