Tractor People = Great People
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Thread: Tractor People = Great People

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    Tractor People = Great People

    About a month ago my son Levi had a one page article about him in Farm and Ranch Living.

    So today my wife gets home from work and asks me what I ordered Levi. I told him I didnít order anything. She tells me there is an envelope here addressed to me Attn: Levi

    Notice there isnít any street or house number.

    So she opened it up and hereís what was inside. A note from the sender.

    A copy of his article.

    And two calendars

    It never ceases to amaze me how nice the people in this tractor and other groups (flying Iíve been invited to total strangers houses for a week when they arenít even home) are. Here a simple article connected to people half a country and three generations apart.

    We want to do something to return how special this made us feel. Heading to the PA Farm Show this weekend and hoping to find something regional to send him. Iím think g a copy of Lancaster Farming and maybe something else.

    Anyway just wanted to share the nice story.

    Here is what my wife wrote about it. (Sheís the writer in the family) and this tractor people thing is kinda new to her.

    Another reminder that this world is filled with good people. Today, there was a package in our mailbox (thanks Henny) for Levi, with no street address, just Newville, Penna. Figuring this was the typical Amazon purchase of Keith or Levi, I didn't think much of it and guessed that it was another tractor manual or something of that nature. Instead, it was a note from an 83-year-old Nebraskan native (who now lives in Oklahoma) who read Levi's article in Farm and Ranch magazine, and made a connection with him. Levi's story made him reminisce on his own life growing up using his Dad's 1927 Farmall Regular on the family farm. He reached out to Levi, wrote him the KINDEST note, and included two calendars from years passed that Levi absolutely loves. When Levi writes his thank you note to this gentleman, I will be certain to add my own--showing my appreciation for how his gesture not only made Levi's (and our) day, but how it served as a reminder for us to keep doing the little things, for they really do mean the most.

    Also kudos to or local post office and our letter carrier. They knew just where this was meant to go. Notice it didnít have a zip code originally either.

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    We get the Mag and I showed my Wife and her Mother the article. Good write up! I like a good story about kids!!
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    This is an awesome post.

    I'm actually at a loss for words, and that's not something that happens easily.
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    That truly is a heartwarming and touching story. Thanks for sharing!

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    WOW, Great story.

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    that is a great story
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    That's fantastic!

    When people start getting down on the younger generations, I always use this photo to show that not all is lost.

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    You know, sometimes we lose faith in humanity (based upon things going on today) then something like this come along and I guess it's God's way of encouraging us and showing that there are still good people in this world. Thanks for the article, very uplifting!

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    WOW Thanks for sharing.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    It's easy to lose faith in humanity. Yesterday, I was listening to the utter BS flying congressional circus antics and I was ready to write the human race off completely and today I'm reminded that simple and truly great people are still the majority. It is beyond words to read and relate to what you've shared. I've read most, if not all, of you and your son's journey over the last year and it is truly heart warming. Don't stop what you are doing.
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