Sad day for me.
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Thread: Sad day for me.

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    Sad day for me.

    19 years ago today, my dad left this world for an adventure in the next. You'd think time would ease the pain, but I miss him as much today, as I have for 19 years.

    I am thankful for the memories, and the time and education he gave me. He taught me real world knowledge, such as how to change the oil, and operate the tractor, how to do basic repairs around the house, and most importantly, how to use my brain. Sometimes I forget the last part, and I get a reminder!

    While it is a tough day for me, it is bittersweet. But to those of you out there with kids, take a little extra time with them, every chance you can! It is important! And if you have daughters, don't think of them differently than sons. They can appreciate stuff many would not ever consider. My biggest regret is that I did not learn even more from dad, because when we grow up, we tend to follow our own paths. If I'd spent more time tinkering on things with him, I might be half the mechanic he was.

    And thanks for letting me share all of that with my family here.
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    Hang in there farmgirl.
    I'm sure your dad is super proud of where you are with your life.

    I lost my dad when i was 18 which was 30 years ago the beginning of this month.
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    FG, Be thankful for the time you had together. The lessons and the memories. My parents were hard working saints! They both passed way too young. That was more than 30 years ago. I think about them every day and am thankful for the guidance and sacrifices they made for me and my younger brother and sister.
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    I pray our God comfort you and hold you especially close this day. I lost my dad back in the mid-eighties and my Carol lost her's several years later. We can be sitting watching TV in the evening and suddenly both have that flash of loneliness and with a tear in the corner of our eye whisper "I miss my dad." We rest in Him and know they no longer suffer the limits by their age and health.

    Blessing to you this day . . . .

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    Some things just don't get easier with time. Thank you for sharing. I lost my dad when I was 8. That was 48 years ago already. Just really wasn't quite old enough to really know him like you got to know your pop. Hope your day of memories is a good one.
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    I feel your pain, it will be 24 years for me next month. Hugs
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    My condolences FG....I couldn't imagine loosing my father.

    I'm sure your father wouldn't want you to be upset though. You should do something that brings back good memories of your time together. A father would never want his daughter to be unhappy. He was surely a great man to have raised you.
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    FG, I too lost my father far to early in my life and his. It will be 3 years ago in June and I still think about him often and the loss never gets any easier. I too find it best to think about the good times and the things learned and experienced from those we have lost.

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    FG, I know how you feel. I lost my father-in-law December 27, 1993 and my dad just a few months later, March 2, 1994. Both of them had a positive effect on me and taught me hard work, going out of your way to help others, and to be a better parent myself. I have two daughters and the thing that I think about today is not spending more time with them when they were younger. As you get older and you have grand children, you think about how much more time you could have spent with your kids. Reading your perspective on regretting not spending more time with your dad, I can guarantee he probably felt he could have spent more time with you, even though he probably did. But I know he appreciated every moment with you as I do my time with my girls and my grand children. It's the nature of being a parent. I'm proud of my girls, both have great lives now, great kids and have jobs that mean something in this world.

    I know you will get through this day with some sadness, but also with moments of sweet memories. I sure do when I think of my dad.
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    Support coming to you on this tough day from your friends here. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the lessons that each of my parents tried to teach me over the years. Cherish your memories and know that the good you do in this world honors your Dad every day!


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