Grand Ma needs a New AWD SUV?
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Thread: Grand Ma needs a New AWD SUV?

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    Grand Ma needs a New AWD SUV?

    She likes her Ford Taurus but needs something in AWD/4X4 to drive in our winters in town. Has to be a Automatic and most likely a Ford? I have no idea about Cars or SUV's I drive 4x4 trucks. This morning she said on the phone I need a 4x4 so I can get out in the winter more! A Ford may have sorta the same controls for a 83 year older Lady to learn over again? Any pointers in the right direction I like the Eco V6 seems like it has plenty of power and good Gas Millage. Something like the Ford Edge??? She needs new and has the money I would just be guessing on what to buy and hate to have a Car Dealer tell me why she needs a certain car on sale!
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    Guess Subaru Outback or Forester are OUT..

    even Rav4

    Ford have no idea.. a couple of church members own Edge, my FIL brother has a Escape.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    My GF has a 2013 Explorer with 114,000 miles on it. She likes it real well and I do too. It is the front wheel drive version and gets 26-27 on the highway. Highly recommended. Holds a straight line on the highway better than any car I have ever driven. She says the same thing.

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    My son drives a Ford Edge. Nice power, goes well in the snow. Rides well and nice room in the back seat.
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    I replaced My 2004 Ford Taurus with a Subaru Impreza in 2016 I was Going to replace it with a Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid which is the SUV Version of the Impreza. The Subaru to me is a great snow car In the Past My wife Had the Mazda Version of the Ford Escape That was replaced By a Nissan Xterra which In turn was replaced By a 4 cylinder Subaru Outback & she is Now On Her Second Outback which is a 6 cylinder. Though Her BMW is a Turbo 4 cylinder as she though the 6 was to fast

    I really Like My Impreza Because I get such Good Gas Mileage 37 Hwy and 28 Local The Crosstrek also gets good Gas Mileage 33Hwy and 27 Local My other Car is a Gas Guzzling Nissan Titan XD.

    All Subaru's are All wheel drive except for 1 Model

    But that's what I suggest is to Look at is a Subaru Subaru Cars, Sedans, SUVs | Subaru of America

    But if dead set On a Ford. The escape 2019 Ford® Escape SUV | Versatility and Function for Everyone | is a Good Small SUV they use to Be Front wheel drive when In 2WD and when 4WD was engaged it engaged the rear wheels. I don't Know if the escape is still like that or Not. But always though that was a nice feature Going from Front wheel drive to 4WD

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    My daughter has a newer Ford Edge and she loves it. It sits up high enough that she can see over most cars. Its not a 4x4 but it has plenty of room to haul all of the stuff she thinks she needs to haul around with a one year old baby. I didn't have as much stuff in my first apartment as she drags around in that car.
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    The newer ford explorers 2016 and newer are quite nice. Few different engine options and plenty of room for a 3rd row. The Jeep Grand Cherokees are always nice as well. We picked up a used 2015 that was lease trade. It is definitely smaller than the Explorer, no 3rd row. 3 months in and my wife is still thrilled.
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    At 83, how technophobic is she? Modern cars and all their gizmos and touchscreens might just overwhelm her. When my Mom was alive, she and I would shop for the easiest things for her to operate; otherwise it was a waste of her money, our time and it collected dust. Up to her dying day, she preferred her 1950's vintage Underwood portable manual typewriter over the 1980's Smith-Corona portable electric typewriter I gave to her after I switched to using a PC.

    The trouble is finding a simple vehicle in this day and age.
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    A couple of suggestions for Subaru's. Can't beat 'em! My parents drove Subaru's from 1978 until they could no longer drive about 5 years ago. Quality is super! Handle great in the snow. I don't think that I've ever talked to a Subaru owner that didn't like their vehicles. Also, they're built in Indiana in a zero-emissions plant.

    With all that being said, I drive a Ford truck. But it's only because I prefer a pickup. If Subaru built a real pickup (not a fake one like the Honda), I'd own one.

    I rented a Ford Edge when we were in FL back in August. Great riding vehicle and we're considering getting one if Sweetie decides to get rid of her Ford Flex. Can't comment on how it would handle in the snow as snow was pretty scarce then and there. All of the police departments around here drive Explorers. Part of that is because Ford offers a "police package" for the Explorer, but our local officers tell me that they handle well in all sorts of conditions.

    Of course, it's all about the tires. Sweetie had a Dodge Durango that came with "low profile performance tires" and it was a POS in the snow. I ended up getting new wheels and "regular" tires for it. I put Nitto Grapplers on it and the difference in the snow was amazing! I guess what I'm saying is to make sure that you can get snow tires for whatever wheel package is on the vehicle.
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    my wife has a Sabaru forester absolutely loves it. Has snow sneakers on it. Best snow car I have ever driven in the size category
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