As Good As "COPS!!" A New Show,,"LIVE PD, POLICE PATROL"
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Thread: As Good As "COPS!!" A New Show,,"LIVE PD, POLICE PATROL"

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    As Good As "COPS!!" A New Show,,"LIVE PD, POLICE PATROL"

    I kinda miss "COPS!!" My wife loved when they tasered someone,,
    well,, as best as I can tell, there are no new episodes of "COPS!",,,

    BUT, we recently found a new show,,, "LIVE PD, POLICE PATROL"

    I believe it is on A&E, and on a local secondary channel.

    I hit "record all" on the DVR,,, the DVR found ten episodes in one day!!

    Yea, it is kinda "COPS!!" format,, but enough different,,

    WE have not seen a taser deployed,,, yet,, but, we still have our hopes,,

    Have you seen any "COPS!!" replacement show that is any good??
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    Have you watched Live PD on A&E on Friday and Saturday night?
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    Live Pd is my favorite show. When I was on Central time I would watch the full 3hrs every Friday and Saturday. Now on East Coast time i don’t make it too midnight anymore so I DVR part of it each night.

    My favorite things. They are not my pants.
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    I really miss the Cops series, but Live PD is a pretty good replacement!
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    Live PD is great but that new spinoff they made 'Live PD :PD Cams' seems like they cheaped out by getting rid of the camera man.
    But, after catching up to Live PD on Youtube, I went down that rabbit hole and started watching those 'Sovereign Citizen" videos. Sadly....they all end the same way...... with the driver (did I say driver? I meant to say 'traveler' ) getting his window broken and dragged out of his car. But, it never stops being funny.

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    Yep we watch it all the time
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    Thanks Bob
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    It's a small world. Back in December my brother ran into the Live PD crew at a restaurant in Gahanna, Ohio. He got to talk to them a bit and get their picture. He said they were a bunch of good guys.
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    Cadplans-if u want to watch the cops show-go to the Paramount channel-on dish it is 242-i think. cops started filming again with new episodes on tuesday nights. guess they thought they better bring em back to life-cause of Live PD. if u watch enough of live pd u will see some tasing getting done
    heck i bet live pd has been on for 2 seasons now already-ur late to it.

    on netflix--u should search for cops show it should bring up a canadian cops version, which i find to be kinda better than cops down here in the states. they show lots of bar fights, blood, and stuff. its good IMO.

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    I'd love to see a Cops episode that was a "Taser Special". Just back to back tasing! To me there's nothing funnier than watching some big belligerent dude falling straight over when getting hit with the voltage!!

    I asked one of the Township cops a few weeks ago if any of them had ever deployed their tasers. He hadn't and didn't think that any of the rest of officers had either.

    We do watch LivePD on a pretty regular basis. I like that show too.
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    When I was a paramedic we trained to pull the barbs out for the tasers. I was the instructor, and I've been through all sorts of tear gas and other stuff so I figured I'd let the cops tase me to demonstrate.

    Don't do that.

    In fact whatever the cops tell you to do INSTEAD of getting tased, you should do that. Whenever I hear the taser go off I still get instantly sweaty. My cop friends love to dry fire their tasers after they sneak up on me.

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