Do You,,, "Stock Up" ,,, Or,,, BIN ?
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Thread: Do You,,, "Stock Up" ,,, Or,,, BIN ?

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    Do You,,, "Stock Up" ,,, Or,,, BIN ?

    In 1979, I purchased my first ever garden tractor,, a 14HP Cub Cadet,,
    the local IH dealer had EVERYTHING I needed,,
    heck, the mower pulley notched the front cast iron axle, I hit a good bump, and snapped the front axle,, the dealer had the front axle in stock.

    Then times changed,, the dealer quit having what was needed,, and I developed the habit of "Stocking Up" the parts I might need,,

    now, with Amazon type availability of just about anything I need,, I am trying to switch to the "Buy It Now" mentality,,

    On Thursday, I spent over 4 hours selecting stuff from the Stock Up days to remove from my shop shelves,, and tossed the stuff.

    I was amazed how much shelf space was taken up with 40 years of collecting stuff I might need,,,

    So, are you a "Stock Up" ,,, Or,,, BIN type person?

    (NOTE: I know the reason I am trying to clean off the shelves,, I watched an episode of "Hoarders" on A&E channel,, I am trying to prove I do not have that issue!)
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    I keep a good inventory of plumbing, electrical, and hardware items on hand. Always working on a 100 year old house my plan of attack will change a couple times during the course of one small project.

    I don’t keep any truck, car, or tractor parts on hand other than a couple filters for each. I can get what I need in a couple days or take my truck to the dealership.
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    I don't stock much. Probably have an oil filter or 2 for most things I own. I have parts around from different projects that I might need. I still have some sets of fronts for 318s. I bought a row of them at an auction. My neighbor was pretty impressed when he had a flat on his. He pumped it up drove over and left with 2 brand new rims and tires. He didn't know what to think.

    Sometimes I'm only funny to myself.

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    Oil and filters, big assortment of nuts, bolts, nails and everything plumbing I can think off.

    If something is going to fail plumbing wise, it'll happen at night when everything is closed.

    2019 4066R with cab (aka Cooterpiller), 2014 997 Z Trak
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    rear engine rider, 1984 30 inch cut Snapper rear engine rider.

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    I have so much stuff for fixing things you just never know when and what will break. I hate being dependent on others not in my blood. I keep spare oil & filter X2 for my tractor it can go in other stuff if needed. Living on a farm there is fencing, buildings, electrical, mechanical and water problems you need to address quick at times. Winter is one of them when things go wrong it still needs fixing!! Always have some plywood on hand might have a window get busted out a or door problem? Just can't run to town for everything all the time, it is a 25 plus mile trip for a $.59 PVC Fitting!

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    I tend to stock up on items I might need. I pity the person has to clean off my shelves when that time comes.
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    I stock consumables like wire, insulators, wire nuts, bolts, nails, screws, light bulbs, etc. I don't stock parts like alternators, fuel pumps, etc. I also keep a few sheets of plywood, 2x4 & 2x6 and other misc. billets of wood. I sure has saved a bunch of trips to the hardware store.
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    I guess my answer to your question is "It depends".

    I keep the quick hitch plow pins, springs, angle cylinder hydraulic fittings, and a list of things which are common wear parts for snow removal in stock. My typical plowing starts at about 3am and I want everyone's driveway cleared before they need to leave for school or work.

    In fact, I plow the driveways on the route not based upon their physical location order, but rather the time the owner needs to leave the house. As a result, I don't want any down time or issues. Most of the parts I stock are all parts I have had to replace previously over the years and very likely will again at some point.

    I make sure to keep all the Deere part numbers on the original parts or in the original packaging so there is no confusion. Plus I could always sell them if i didn't need them down the road. Who knows, they might be NLA then and bring a premium.

    I also maintain professional grade 5 and grade 8 bolt bins of 1/4" through 5/8" hardware . I have organized assortments of different hose clamps, spring clamps, 12 volt electrical items, light bulbs, fuses, etc. I keep machine screws assortments, etc.

    Everything I keep is something that is used and has been replaced at some prior point because it's a consumable or wear item. Like I keep 3 sets of mower blades for each mower. One on the machine and two spare sets. I always keep spare filters (minimum of 2 of each) and at least 5 gallons of Low vis Hydro fluid. Keep spare oil, etc.

    Other things, I buy as needed with the buy it now. Just placed an order today with Jet for all household items.

    The other day, I watched a guy in front of me buy one roll of toilet paper in the grocery store. He paid $1.79 for the one roll. I order the mega rolls, which have 4x the paper per roll from Jet yesterday and it was $0.54 cents per in reality, he paid about 10x the single roll price for the convenience of buying one roll. So in such matters, I will always "Stock Up". Its not like I wont need it at some point.

    The one area where I do have to change is when I take something old off, I tend to keep it "In case I might need it" and I never do. Then I end up throwing it away after moving it several times and working around it . ,,

    1025R with Mauser Cab
    (10/2017)/ 120R FEL / RC2048 Mower / All of Ken's Bolt on Products / 60" HD Front Broom / 3 pt 45 Gallon Boom less Sprayer / CA2068 Core Aerator / I-Match / 54" Snow Plow w/ angling Quick Attach / Frontier 3 Pt Sprayer / Pallet Forks / 8 -42# Weights

    John Deere 455 (New in 9/1996) / MC519 Cart /60" MMM /47" Snow Thrower / 7'3" snow plow / Quick Hitch /
    4 -42# Weights / JD#10 Cart

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    in the garages and sheds i could be called one of them hoarders on TV. just paths to walk thru not our house, but been saying for the last few yrs-gonna get rid of a lot of stuff out of the garage--but it seems something happens in the beginning of summer.
    cad-plans--i got big truck parts from back in the early 90's that should of been gone, but i just hated to get rid of it. my dad always claimed i got this bad habit from one pap on my mothers side. my dad kept his stuff rid of . me-eh--not as good.

    i bet we could eat for a month out of the deep freeze in basement, plus the pantry upstairs here, and then go thru a couple of cupboards. still have to have milk and bread -oh.

    2006 2520 mcut, 2004 x475, 1953 model 50, 1985 318-was my Dad's,
    king kutter tiller-60", frontier-stone rake, jd-4ft brush hog, frontier-6ft back-blade, frontier-forks, 48 inch forks,
    2-54inch jd snow plows, jd-5ft-pull brush hog,

    2018 835R gas model gator-"aka" the Cadillac i say!! 6ft jd snow plow-which already has a dtac out on it. i got just about everything on it i could at the time

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    I tend to "stock" more than I should. 13+ years in parts probably has something to do with it.
    I keep filters, oils, Stihl maintenance kits, chains, spare blades for my Walker...
    I flip a few Gators a year so I keep plenty of parts for them.
    Also hardware bins and lots of irrigation parts.

    It just isn't possible for dealers to stock everything. Back then there were a handful of models that shared most of the parts. Generally we look at parts with 3 sales per year. Besides filters, belts, etc.
    Also we look at will the part keep a machine down?
    I toured John Deere's Milan distribution center a few years back. 61 acres under one roof and they don't even stock it all.
    2001 4300 SyncReverser 430 Loader/48 Backhoe
    Walker MC20 Zero Turn

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