Summer Projects 2015
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Thread: Summer Projects 2015

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    Summer Projects 2015

    So what is everyone planning for projects this Year/Summer?
    As for me, Damage Control.
    I have a lot of things to fix or repair. Since the summer of 2011 I have been into adding stuff or having big projects planned and not so much into upkeep.

    JD 2320, 200CX FEL/61" bucket , 46 BH/16" bucket, Artillian Forks, 72" Snow Blade, Landscape Rake, Ballast Box, PHD,
    BX42 Chipper, XUV 560 Gator, Z915B ZTrak

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    Paint the 40S & that BLUE blade!!! Click image for larger version.

Name:	HPIM1541.JPG
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    Quite a bit of work at the farm, now that it's mine.

    1944 JD LA, 1953 JD 40S, 93-755 w/60" deck, '04-790 w/300 loader, 2000-F725, '07 "TS" Gator, 80-314 & numerous attachments!, 1980-2418 Power King, 1948 AC "G" & 1961 International Cub Lo Boy

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    Replace a concrete step cover and fix a leaking porch roof.
    John Deere 318, 50in deck, 54in blade w/ power angle

    Looking for JD Parts check here on JD's official parts website.

    Have no idea where to start with JD Parts check here for a how to.

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    • Take down two large Oak trees that are too close to my barn
    • Order and spread ~200 yards of top soil and reseed areas of the lawn that have settled
    • Continue clearing brush & briars from wooded areas and rough grading at the perimeter of my property
    • Rebuild my 15' diameter fire pit with some larger rocks and boulders harvested last season
    • Take a couple of vacation trips on the motorcycle this season
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    JD Tooth Bar, Deluxe Hood Guard, Ken's Bolt-on Hooks
    485 Backhoe w. 18" HD Bucket
    Mid-PTO, Front 3 Point Hitch, 366 Front Blade
    Tarter 5' 3PH Tiller
    Frontier AP12F Forks

    John Deere 2032R
    R3's, 220R Loader, 57" HD Bucket
    Curtis Hard Side Cab & Heater
    62D Deck, iMatch Quick Hitch
    54 Snowblower
    Super HeavyHitch
    Little Wonder "Optimax" & JRCO Blower Buggy
    Fimco 60 Gallon 3PH Boomless Sprayer w. PTO Pump

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    For me,
    - extending my garden
    - tilling and reseeding the yard in from of my house
    - taking down an old corn crib,
    - continuing remove many, many trees in prep for putting in a pond someday

    Whats that, maybe a weeks worth of work?? Should probably find more to do! :LOL:

    Then at some point I spose I may knock a wall out in my house that I've been putting off for a number of months.
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    2025R, 62D MMM, H130 FEL, Ken's Bolt-on Hooks, Bxpanded Tooth Bar, more to come...
    Implements: Woods TS52 tiller

    Stihl MS261C worked over by Mastermind Work Saws, FS45C
    Dolmar PS3410TH
    Redmax EBZ8500RH

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    The main project for the summer will be building a new shop. The plan will be to build a 30' x 40' that will house all of the lawn equipment, yard tools, 4 wheeler, gator and the tractor when I have it here. The one that I have (20' x 20' ) was suppose to be a work shop but with all of the lawn equipment crammed in there it has turned into more of a storage building. The other big item on my list is to improve the hunting property that we acquired last year by cleaning up some fallen trees and remove piles of brush that were left when a dozier pushed out food plots. All of this will start after I finish the bathroom remodel that was started a couple of weeks ago, should be done in about 2 weeks.

    Of course all of the above is subject to change if the wife puts another project on the list that is deemed more important
    2014 John Deere 5100E H240 FEL 6' Rakemaster Root Grapple, 2016 Woods PSS72 food plot seeder, 2013 John Deere XUV 550 S4 2015 Orsi 12' boom mower with flail head, 2016 John Deere 4105 with front end loader, 2016 John Deere MX6, 2018 Everything Attachments 55" Wicked Grapple. 2018 Everything Attachments Severe Extreme Duty 6' Landscape Rake, 2018 John Deere 1025R TLB with 54D quick connect deck [SIZE=2][COLOR="#008000"]

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    mine are
    Fence for my new garden 40x100
    Build 2 new cold frame 4x8
    Build a new green house 12x20
    Build a smoke house
    Fire brick oven
    plant more fruit trees
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    Summer Projects 2015

    In no particular order:
    1) New kitchen floor, countertops, backsplash, and OTR microwave.
    2)Redo a rock garden in front yard.
    3) Rock around top of septic tank.
    4) install two new gates around garden and repair a third.
    5) build two shoe racks, a bookcase, a display shelf and a model of the Cape Haterras lighthouse.
    6) fix a retaining wall
    7) regrade yard on driveway edges so 60" MMM fits the space
    8) relocate blueberry bushes
    9) repair/replace several pieces of siding
    10). Seed area where rock is currently that will go around septic tank.
    11) sort out rocks, by hand, from dirt from rock garden. Dirt goes in low spots, rocks go in landscaping west side of garage.
    12) replace the other two toilets

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    1025R w\ block heater and one rear work light
    H120 FEL w 53" bucket, 54" QH blade, 60" MMM w\ autoconnect, mulch kit and independent lift kit
    JD 3 bag MCS with powerflow
    Land Pride RTA1250 tiller and CA1556 core aerator
    Imatch Quick Hitch
    JamisonBryce MCS Imatch adapter
    Heavy Hitch weight bracket & sub soiler combo
    CMP Attachments 60" HD front dethatcher
    Garber 72" 3pt mount drop spreader
    Countyline 3pt PHD with 9" diameter auger

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    Last year we did a lot of underground sewer, drain & electrical work next door to our home. We also put in a new drive to our pole barn.

    We let everything to settle over the winter. Now this year we have a lot of dirt to move & level. Then back fill along the new driveway with the extra dirt from the other areas.

    We will also be topping off the driveway with finer gravel & replace 15 squares of roofing on an unattached garage.

    Then I may look into down sizing a tractor.
    Kioti CK3510SE HST, Kioti KL4030 Loader, John Deere 655 Tiller, Frontier LR2072 Landscape Rake, Virnig V50 Pallet Forks, Woods GB60 Box Blade
    John Deere X739 AWS 4X4, 60HC Auto Connect Deck, Front grader blade.
    John Deere 825i Gator

    John Deere Tractors I have owned in the past.
    425 AWS, 455, 4400, 2210, 4710, 2320, 2720, X475, 1026R, 4120, 2025R

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    Finish the transmission and PTO on my 60 project and move on to the engine.
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    2720 w/ 200CX FEL
    , Ken's weld-on hooks, Fit Rite Hydraulics Top and Tilt kit, Artillian forks.
    1954 60 - getting full restoration, 1964
    110 round fender in the shop for crustoration
    Ferris IS3200Zzero turn mower

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    Dieselshadow is my Hero.

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