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Thread: Humbled

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    Humbled, Grateful, Thankful and Blown away!

    I am touched by the amount of support that you my GTT family have shown my wife, my 2 babies, Jenny and Cheyenne and myself has been overwhelming. I have always been a tough guy and the amount of tears I have shed these past few days is more than I have shed in a very long time! I am eternally grateful to Sullybear and jdforever for spear heading this for us! Their kindess and ALL of yours is something we could never hope to repay except to be there if the need ever arrises so we can return it.

    I have always met my challenges head on by myself for most of my life. It wasn't until I met Georgette that I realized I was in love for the first time. Real love that I have seen from the posts of members on here. Old school. Walk hand in hand and side by side ready to take on everything.. Well you know what I mean. I can't do it by myself anymore, a realization that crushes me. The heart and spirit are always there and I try my damndest to do what I can, when I can, but it will never be enough.

    So I try to keep pushing and put on the happy face with the big smile and I keep driving on. I have my days, more than I want to when its not so good. I tell her and say, honey its not a good day. Hopefully now that I have had my surgery the bad days will be alot less and the good days will out shine the bad! I am looking at the next chapter of my life which is going to start on Monday and hopefully once I am fully healed I will be able to walk again with no pain. I am hoping that my brain recognizes that my old feet are gone and the phantom pain goes away. As I am typing this the phantoms have been giving me fits today and the lightning bolts are shooting down my legs. Good times.

    I go to get measured for my prosthetics! My stumps have not completely healed yet but they have shrunk so with fingers crossed and a lot of prayers I am hoping it goes well. Find out in 2 days!

    So with my Love and my Rock by my side we face the next step together! Pun intended!

    So from the bottom of my heart I will go now and say,

    THANK YOU our GTT family!
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    Stay strong, take it day by day and the good days will definitely out way the bad. Sounds like you have a lot of support from your wife and friends. Prayers are heading your way from my family to yours.
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    Wentonbrown, Family is family and you're family.

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    (moved to OT forum)

    Stay strong WB, you got this

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    Our Mom had to have a prosthetic leg and after the initial fitting, refitting, adjustment etc. she got along pretty well with it. It does involve some seemingly endless trial and error but one day you will wake up, pull on your legs and realize that's just the new normal.

    Prayers that that day comes soon without too many frustrating days. I'm sure the process is much better now as she got hers in the early 90's and there's been a lot of advancements since then.

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    You can do it by yourself, just like you always could. Now you can choose to lean on Georgette alot and the rest of us some.
    There's not much sense in taking this journey alone.

    Sometimes I'm only funny to myself.

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    It's a 2-way street, WB. You may be appreciative of the GTT-family efforts, but WE appreciate the manner and attitude you've presented in tackling your challenges. I feel I'm a better person just by having our by proxy friendship.

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    I don't know you personally WB but from the posts that I have read about you I think we would be friends if I still lived near Allentown. Maybe some day we will meet. It's guys like you that inspire the rest of us.
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    Glad to have you on here. You can teach all of us how to handle adversity and keep a good attitude. Of course there are tough days but they pass. You have goals and you know damn well you will reach them but when you doubt yourself know that we know you will reach them.
    Welcome to Intermission.

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    WB, I've told you several times that you are a tough guy. You have proven that once again. We're all waiting for you to get your legs and start life all over again. No pain-no gain. You've had the pain, now it's time for the gain.

    You are an NCO and know the value of leading by example. You have certainly taught us a lesson in determination by sharing your experiences so far. Drive on and before you know it, you will be walking again without pain.
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