Wife's status.
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Thread: Wife's status.

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    Wife's status.

    I mentioned in another thread of my wife being in the hospital.
    She is still in an acute care facility but she is doing much better. She had/has many things working against her but somehow she is doing well.
    She was also her Mothers care giver also. Ms Helen is 91. We call her the energizer bunny! Lol.
    My wife's medical issues, trying to attend 24/7 to her Mom took it's toll. So we put in place family members to assume the load off of my wife so she and I can concentrate on her well being. It's been a ride.
    Our faith in the Lord has once again showed us that anything is possible.
    I work for a fantastic company that has allowed me to adjust my hrs so I can get in my hours and make a 2hr drive per day. I was worried about running out of vacation and sick time to cover my time off. The reply was. .Dont worry about it.. Yur covered.
    Just thought I would fill you all in. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

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    Sorry to hear this. Too many health problems in our older group that are hard to deal with! Even some stuff you may personally not really want to know about yourself? I hope all goes well with your wife soon!!
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    Best wishes for your wife's full recovery and your return to your normal schedule, routine, etc. Caring for an elderly person is extremely difficult and physically and emotionally draining. I have very dear friends whom I have been encouraging to turn over the care they provide for their 97 year old sister in law to a facility as the never ending demands are taking a toll on my 80 year old friends.

    Certainly wish you and your entire family the very best and your GTT "family" is glad you updated us as to what's going on. Prayers will certainly continue.............

    It's also great to hear your employer is working with you during this very difficult and stressful time. It's a real relief to know your employer is helpful and understanding, especially in times like what you and your wife are now enduring...............Sounds like you work with a great company with outstanding people. That's refreshing to hear and something you never really know until you find yourself in such a situation.

    Best wishes ........

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    Prayers for your wife's continued recovery.

    It's terrific that you have an employer who recognizes and accommodates the need for an employee to tend to his family first. Smart business.
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    Prayers to your wife's recovery, glad you work for a great company. Has we grow older we realize what's important and our spouses are very important. Good luck and prayers for a full recovery.
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    Godspeed to your wife for making a speedy trip back to good health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcopterdoc View Post
    My wife's medical issues, trying to attend 24/7 to her Mom took it's toll. So we put in place family members to assume the load off of my wife so she and I can concentrate on her well being.
    Glad the family members are assuming the load so she can focus on her own recovery. Best wishes for you both. Please keep us up to date.

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    Good to hear your wife in improving, xcopterdoc. Our prayers for both of you.

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    Prayers for your wife's recovery xcopterdoc, you are fortunate to work for a good company.

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    First and foremost...Prayers coming your way.
    Make sure they take real good care of your wife. As my wife was taking care of our son that had knee replacement surgery she started to hurt real bad. She wouldn't go to the Dr. till our son was walking again. The results for my wife was not good. Please take good care of yours.
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