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    Hello everyone!

    So this happened today! Went to Hanger to get fitted for my new cast for my left leg and as Ellen is pulling stuff out of the boxes she has me move over to the parallel bars. She pulls out the new fiber and gell cast and then my new leg and foot.

    So I look at her and say are you putting that on me and she says Yes! So she does and then it happened. I stood up almost by myself and then stood there on one leg for over a minute or longer while she checked stuff out then the pain made me sit down.. Not pain from my surgery, pain because the gout has been flaring in my knee and the new brace was putting a lot of my weight right on that spot. So she went and took it off and went downstairs to adjust that spot on the brace so it took some pressure off and I tried it again. Much better the 2nd time! So I could have stood there longer if I had both legs. My right one is still not healed enough to start the process. Disappointed is a understatement but its not ready.

    I soaked off some of the old scab and the nurse put stuff on to finish what I started. There was no way it was going to heal up with the old scabs in there. To big and too thick. So next week we go back and try again. We keep praying.

    On the positive side I should be able to get my left leg and start some more strength training. It was weird looking down and seeing a metal and fiber glass contraption where my foot and leg used to be but I wasn't upset. I was thinking more about how much the weight being back on the end of my leg changed the way my leg moved with it on and not being able to lift it because of the gout flaring and weak muscles. Kind of scary that our muscles atrophy so quick. We did some exercise today after my appt and my left leg is much weaker than the right. A year of walking funny with the charcot foot and then the surgery and recovery will do that. Onward and upward with the physical therapy!

    So the next time i see my left leg it will be finished with my favorite colors... You have to wait and see!

    Here is the much sought after pictures required on our site! Here you go GTT family..that is Ellen who works for Hanger. She was pleased with the outcome!

    Have a great night!
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    Great progress!! and that smile on your face is priceless.

    Thanks for the update on the wonderful news. Keep your spirits up.

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    Good news, WB. Good to see you upright and with a smile on your face. You're doing well. Keep it up and drive on.

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    Good news! Keep up the hard work!
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    Great news!

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    Damn, I can see that smile all the way over here in New Jersey.

    And you can tell that Ellen is just as happy for you.

    Please keep us posted, both with your good news and with your setbacks as well....... we know its not all puppies and rainbows but its great to hear both sides of it. And looking forward to hearing when you can finally go back home for good.

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    Lookin' Good!

    Hey WB,
    Been following your story.
    But I need to know: if you only have the one prosthetic are you only a 3 million dollar man? Will you be the full $6M when you get your second prosthetic ?

    In all seriousness - I'm hoping for a speedy recovery and rehab for you!
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    Heck yeah WB Keep it up!
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    Rock On WB !!!

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