RIP, Doris Day Dies at 97
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Thread: RIP, Doris Day Dies at 97

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    May she RIP and Prayers for her family

    Doris Day - Que Sera Sera lyrics
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Sad week for actors that I grew up watching. They will be missed.

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    Saw that yesterday. She was the best.


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    Another one of the great ones.

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    A great actress. I have many of her movies in my library.
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    Doris Day really was a tremendous advocate for animals, long before it became a "popular stand" to take. She helped homeless pet shelters and rescue organizations for over 70 years. Not only was she a very talented actress and very beautiful, she was also actually "nice". She was never into being a "celebrity" and always conducted herself in a dignified and appropriate manner. Too bad the younger generation of "stars" don't follow her pattern and approach and focus on being a good person, instead of being social media stars.

    There was a western on TV just over the weekend in which she had a starring role. Its sad to see the generation of stars I grew up watching now leaving us. She had a great run, making it to 97. Mrs Bear showed me a story which was originally printed many, many years ago where one of the reporters asked Doris Day if she was aware of Rock Hudson's "lifestyle choices" to which Doris Day replied, "It's not my business nor is it your business and therefore, I have no comment on such matters." Good for her.......

    RIP, Doris Day......somehow, I bet she is happily at the Rainbow Bridge and very content......
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