Anyone know good frost thermometers?
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Thread: Anyone know good frost thermometers?

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    Anyone know good frost thermometers?

    So any of you in the apple or berry industry in parts of the world that are frost prone know it can be a struggle. Recently I have added in some high accuracy electronic sensors and controls which are different brands but all agree with each other. They always disagree with standard home hardware style thermometers unless both are on like very bare rocky ground. In among leaves the hardware store mercury style thermometers always read alot lower in a frost. So I can't figure out why or what's best to go by? Are the hardware store ones just that horribly inaccurate or does the metal casing cool down really fast in comparison to a thermocouple and the surrounding leaves? I feel like the electronic should be more accurate but Idk

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    I think a mercury column would be pretty hard to beat for accuracy and repeatability. Have you put them in ice water to check their accuracy? They should be consistent, but they could be off by a couple degrees.
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    When I searched Amazon for Frost Warning or Frost Alarm Thermometers, there are a bunch which show up. Some clearly aren't what you are looking for but several have very good reviews and many of the reviews seem to be better suited for such use as you are thinking than are others.......

    I have a plastic thermometer which has a wireless remote sensors (2) and it seems to be very accurate. I have checked it against others and its very close and being digital it reads down to the 1/10th of a degree. I like being able to hang the sensor in different places for specific temps, I even use the same for inside and outside my tractor cab in the winter and I mount the outside sensor on the underside of my I match to keep it out of the weather. Some have quite a range for the wireless sensor to the base. Many choices, that's for sure. Just not sure if any are what you are seeking.

    The amazon findings, in general; orchard thermometer

    The specific amazon units for orchards or vineyards

    Taylor Precision 5499J Orchard Thermometer (10° to 100°F Temperature Range in 1° Increments): Science Lab Meters: Gateway

    The specific "professional" units for orchards and vineyards. Pricey but professional.

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