D-Day 75 Years Later
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Thread: D-Day 75 Years Later

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    D-Day 75 Years Later

    Click image for larger version.†

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    The man in the picture is my Great Uncle, Jay H. Place. Uncle Jay, who my middle name comes from, landed on Omaha Beach mid-afternoon on D-Day, 6 JUN 1944 as a 38 year old Private. He lived to the age of 92, passing on in 1998. I used to call him my Uncle, brother, grandpa. He told me a lot of stories about his time in the Army; I sure wish that I would have recorded them. He was a member of the 29th Division and served proudly. I can't imagine making the landing as a 19 or 20 year old, let alone hitting the beach at 38. At one point, he, my Dad and and my Dad's brother were engaged in the war at the same time. I'm very proud of all three of them.

    We owe such a large debt of gratitude to all of the WWII veterans. I really enjoy seeing those still living being interviewed on TV. They are all very common men who think that they just did their job. And what a job they did! Without them, I doubt that any of us would enjoy life.
    Thanks to all of them and their families who supported them and who kept the country working while they were off fighting the war in Europe and the Pacific. God bless each and every one.

    I thought that I had the picture correct, but if someone could turn it for me, I would appreciate it.
    Thanks, DJR.

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    Thankful for all the braves one 75 yrs ago..

    From what I can remember of dad in WWII he was with the 2nd Rangers at Point de Hoc .

    Here is a picture of dad after he came home , you can see the Ranger patch on his shoulder ..

    To this day I've never been able to get dad listed as a 2nd Ranger. His DD214 discharge papers say he was a engineer .
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Totally awed

    We visited Juno and Omaha beaches in April. When walking on the beach, I was totally awed by what those kids, and most were kids did. It was amazing that anyone made it off Omaha with the interlocking fields of fire, elevated positions and surf conditions that the Allied forces faced.

    The US cemetery is a beautiful peaceful place, until you think about what's under each of those markers. It's not just the remains of a soldier, sailer, airman but a life cut short, a marriage that didn't happen, kids that weren't born and a life not lived. Our generation and those to come will owe them a debt of gratitude that we cannot repay but can only honor.

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    . Canít imagine
    Thanks Bob
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    Many vets say the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan" was very accurate.
    Go watch it again and put your self in that situation. Unbelievable is not a strong enough word
    for what they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveontheridge2 View Post
    Many vets say the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan" was very accurate.
    Go watch it again and put your self in that situation. Unbelievable is not a strong enough word
    for what they did.

    If I remember correctly several WWII veterans were invited to the initial screening. Some of them left during the opening scene and when asked why, they said it was too real.

    In the theater you were just watching a movie and regardless of the picture and sound quality you are still removed from it.

    I could not imagine what it would have been like to be in it.

    The Devil should take note: Some will dare to attack hell itself, and win the battle regardless of the cost.

    There are epic battles that have formed the foundation of our country. This is one that changed the world.
    Taking the easy way is what makes rivers and men crooked.

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    My dad was a tail gunner in a B-17. His plane was shot down over Germany and was a prisoner of war. He never talked about it. When I was a kid, rummaging through the attic, I found his 8th Army Air Force patches, a couple of pictures and a leather bomber jacket. I only learned about their missions and capture recently in books and on internet postings.

    Probably the greatest generation of Americans ever. I think about rationing, war bonds, women placed in the workforce and the selfless sacrifices young men and women made. Think of an unheated tin can thousands of feet in the air lumbering along. Landing crafts coming to the beach and under constant enemy fire. The soldiers on either side of you; some survived, some did not. The uniforms and equipment paled in comparison to today's military.
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    The stats are staggering.
    When looking at it, it's amazing that anyone made it off the beach alive.

    I pray that I nor my children ever have to endure such a conflict.
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    My Uncle was with the 3rd Armored Division during the war, and saw a lot of combat; in fact, I believe he received a medal or patch or some such for the number of consecutive days in combat. He was at Normandy after it was secure, and was there to witness the liberation of the slave labor camp at Nordhausen.
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    Thank you for the post Brother. It was a unique generation. Fresh out of the depression. America came together like never before or since. Movie stars, politicians kids, everyone served if able. My Dad served in the CC camps in Montana and was drafted in the 40s. He was lucky enough to serve his time in the Army Air Corps in Cuba.

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