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Thread: Jobs I did NOT do today

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    You can’t get me up an extension ladder.

    But for some reason this doesn’t bother me at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Cajun View Post
    Had a fellow tech who worked for the same company I worked for.

    He worked for a mobile radio outfit before, climbing towers was part of his job.

    Did that for a few years and one day something happened to him and he froze about 150 feet up.

    Took a couple of rescue workers to get him down.

    He doesn't know what happened to him that day, but it got to him big time.

    Quit the communications outfit and went to work for us, super sharp tech. and in fact retired a few years ago.

    My experience is similar to his. As a young man I had no fear of heights. Loved overlooks, big roller coasters, hanging over the edge of the tower at Kings
    Island...all that BS.

    About 25 years ago, I took the family to a small amusement park in NE Ohio. When you first walked in there was contraption that you could get on, that
    was circular, you sat down and it would lift everybody about 100 feet in the air and when it reached the top would rotate, giving you a view of the park.
    We got on, and about halfway up I knew I was in trouble.
    Heart racing, sweating, not able to look down...a full blown panic attack. Completely out of the blue. Made it through by basically just looking down at
    the floor. Scared the crap out of me. Felt like a complete idiot. Good grief, all the little kids on the thing loved it.

    Anyway, since then it's a no go on heights for me. Can't stand them. I mean I can climb a ladder but still I feel it.
    Roller coasters, nope. Overlooks, no way. The Washington monument, Eiffel Tower, or any tall building with big windows, can't do it.

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