Let me here your crazy life stories!
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Thread: Let me here your crazy life stories!

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    Let me here your crazy life stories!

    Just like the title says. Let me hear all the crazy and dumb stuff youíve ever done. Maybe you arenít that dumb but you know someone that is

    A quick one from me-

    My dad use to take me alligator hunting all the time. Which consist of him, a few buddies, couple pirogues, and lots of beer. Iíd say I was around 12. We put in at dark and go till the sun came up. They would spot light the gators and then shoot em. Most the times they would sink. This one time at about 3am they shot a gator and it sunk. Couldnít find it with a paddle. Out of nowhere and with other gators around i just jumped in and felt around the 4-5í deep swampy water searching for the 5í gator. A couple minutes later I kicked it and got it to the pirogue. I believe I did it to impress my uncle as heís jumped in on a live 4-6í gator before. Just him and a live gator. Anyway we get to the truck a few hours later. Me & my cousin in the back of the truck with the gator. That bad boy came alive and went crazy. Scared the living crap out of me and my cousin. We fell slap out the truck.

    Man those were the days. I wouldnít do that now. One is itís illegal and 2. Well it just ainít that smart
    I may go again soon since I know the klieberts since my family was married into theirs for many years. They told me to come any time I just havenít made time. It would be done the legal way then.

    I sure miss the days I basically lived down the rivers & swamps. Catching fish, crabs, crawfish, and even stupid leeches. I guess I donít miss the leeches. Iím actually more scared of leeches than a gator. Go figure that.
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    Sounds like a boss at work years ago, him and his brother were deer hunting. One of them shot one and they loaded it in the trunk of the car. Came home it was snowy and cold so they pulled the car in the garage and they decided to go in the house and have something to eat and something warm to drink.
    Setting in the kitchen they hear a very loud noises coming from the garage. They go out and hear something inside the trunk of the car. Big dings were in the side of the car plus on the trunk lid.
    OH Crab, they never cut the deer throat and just assumed the deer was dead. Well when they opened the trunk lid this buck comes jumping out at them and just about tore the garage apart. Neither of them could get to the opener button to open the garage door for several minutes.

    They learned a good lesson, if you shoot something at least cut the throat before loading it inside a closed trunk.

    Then one of our installers went out west to kill a elk or moose. Either way setting in his pickup waiting for the guide to come open the gate so he and his friend could start driving home. While setting and waiting a big one walked pretty close to where they were setting. Grabbed for their rifles , BANG , the truck owner shot his Automatic transmission and torque converter .

    Poor Charlie never lived that one down, I forget the cost of getting the truck towed to the garage, plus special order of getting parts in to repair his truck , plus the extra weeks vacation he had to use to stay while his truck was being repaired.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    The closest thing I have to any stories would be nearly being carjacked once and a potential mugging another time. The near miss carjack: In my early twenties I had a 1973 Trans Am. So one warm Sunday morning I was waiting at a traffic light in front of a railroad crossing intersection. I had both windows rolled down enjoying the weather, when two guys came walking by. I could see in my mirrors they were coming up from behind, with one on each side of the car. Being Sunday morning I was the only car around. Just as they started to reach for the door handles I dumped the clutch and smoked through the intersection and the red light with them hollering and cussing after me. Luckily no traffic was around.

    Near mugging I guess or something: Fast forward ten years or so. Early morning before daylight, I'm heading to meet up at a friends house so we can ride together to our deer hunting club. Again, hardly any traffic on the road. About half way to the friends house, a Volkswagen bug rigged out like an off road car is behind me. He follows me for about five miles, turning when I turned all the way to my friends driveway which was at the end of a cul de sac. I pull in and stop, the bug stops about 30 feet away in the middle of the road. The windows on the bug were completely blacked out so I could not see the person or persons inside. I sat there for a moment watching and the bug watched me. Luckily for me, I have a .357 on the seat in a holster and my 30.06 in the back. I got out, reach for my rifle and when the bug saw that it lit out. When I got to the friends front door I was shaking from the adrenaline. He looks at me and goes, "what's with you"?
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