Ever run into your Drill Sergeant after boot camp?
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Thread: Ever run into your Drill Sergeant after boot camp?

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    Ever run into your Drill Sergeant after boot camp?

    I know there are quite a few vets here. I came across this article tonight and it was kind of a neat story I thought I would share.

    Have you ever met/talked to your Drill Sergeant after boot camp? - Quora

    So, have any other vets run into an old DS? I did.

    Different situation than the author had but the same flashbacks happened to me. I was in Germany, 1 Battalion 4th Inf Regiment and we were prepping a track (M113A2) for a mission. We were OPFOR (Opposing Forces) and were setting up all the MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) equipment on the tracks. Basically mounting the laser sensors and the laser gun that we used from the gunner hatch. I was standing up on top of the track with the gun in hand when I noticed a voice. A different voice, yet, a voice from my past. A voice I recognized but couldn't place. Then another word followed by a couple more. He still wasn't in sight as he was walking between the vehicles. I paused, there it was again and I got shivers down my spine as it started to click and he moved into sight. HOLY ______!!!!! I drop the gun to a loud thud and jump up to Parade Rest. This of course got his attention as his head snaps around and he kind of squints at me. I see a big grin and he turned on his DS voice up to 11 instructing me to get down there and he looked me over. I am sure it took him a bit to place me. A little bigger now that I had several years in the Infantry at that point. I was scrawny when I went in. I had to have a waiver for being underweight. Like 115 and 6'3". I had probably tacked on 50lbs at that point. I wasn't in a normal uniform but in black BDUs with all kinds of strange badges, yet there was the name tape and US Army. He was as shocked to see me I think as I was him. Well maybe I was a little more. He told me to relax and we had a chat for a few minutes. Of course all the other guys in my unit are looking around trying to figure out what the heck is going on. He remembered me, he remembered that I was in the Reserves not on Active Duty and couldn't figure out how I ended up here in Germany. So, I filled him in on my career up to that point. He was there as a ride along to see how we fight and to assist as a dismount with some of his men. I told him to mount up and hold on as I would take them for a ride they won't forget once the mission starts. I had been there long enough to know all the right spots where you could kick the track sideways at 40mph drifting around the corners. How to hit the bumps just right to get a little bit of air. After the mission we parted ways. Never ran into him again or any of my other DS.

    Anyone else out there run into one?

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    I'm surprised he didn't tell the sergeant to drop and give him twenty! :-)
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    That's a great story sennister. I never saw any of them after basic training, but I still remember all of them. I do know that none of them were KIA Vietnam. I got there before any of the drill sergeants did and in 1965, none of the drills had been to Vietnam yet. I did see my basic training company commander when I was about half done with my tour. He was with a group of FNGs at the air terminal at Tan Son Nhut. I didn't bother to holler at him, because I knew that he wouldn't recognize me. I don't think we saw the CO or 1SG more that a couple times in the five weeks of basic training. I don't know where they were, but they certainly didn't believe in MBWA. My drill sergeants would all be in their late seventies or early eighties now. I've said this before, but if you did Army or Marine Corps basic training in the early to mid-sixties, you could relive it watching Gunny Ermey in Full Metal Jacket. They all acted alike and talked alike. I still tell stories from basic training which was 54 years ago.

    God bless those drill instructors and drill sergeants. They saved a lot of lives by teaching us kids what they knew.

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