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Thread: small world,Great forum

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    small world,Great forum

    funny thing happened today. i got a private message from someone on this forum.(unusual for me) turned out to be a relativly new neighbor that I met last year down on the creek that runs thru both our back yards. last year when i met him I was on the creek fishing and so was he. We talked and introduced ourselves and went on about our own way.I saw him again but only on the creek in the summer,(I was on a boat,he in his yard) I haven't seen him since. The other night I was out at the end of my gravel driveway with the tractor raking up stone from snowplowing, i look down the hill and see/hear a 1 series that I never saw before, dragging a roller. I thought well one of the neighbors just got a new tractor,nice one too. Told my wife about it as I could hear it running after i went back to the house and was on my porch. Anyway, back to the message ,apparently he also noticed my tractor at the end of my drive way and somehow he pieced together, i guess from my signature that it might be his neighbor so he PMed me. We still didn't know who the other was, just that we lived on the same road and close by. Low and behold a couple PMs later we figure out that we've met in life and live only a few houses apart on the same hill. Anyway, now i'm gonna drive the tractor down to his house and check out his new tractor. What do ya know, we're neighbors with green tractors in common and didn't know it till we ended up on this forum. i just thought it ironic that here on the web we encounter one another again and talk because of tractors when we only live a couple hundred yards apart.
    Small world, Great forum.
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    Great story, thanks for posting.
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    Yeah, it is indeed a great story! I learned a long time ago that it's a small world after all.

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