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    Craigs list scams

    There has been a new scam JD tractor on my local Craigslist 3 days running from three different people. They all look and sound to good to be true. I responded to the first one and received the following response.


    My name is Donna Heller, I'm emailing you regarding the 1999 John Deere 4x4 4100 that I have for sale. Diesel Compact Gear Drive tractor w/ loader and 60" belly mower. It has been very well maintained and always stored under roof, the machine has only 104 hours on it. Everything works on the tractor and there are no leaks and it is all original. It has been very well maintained. Besides the loader and the belly mower, it also comes with a box blade grader and a yard/road trailer. Also included is a trailer ball bar for the 3 point hitch. The yard trailer has an extra set of wheels so it can be used on the road as well as in the field. I am selling it at this price ($2,450 last price) because I just went through a divorce with my ex-husband and when it has finished, I remained the owner of this tractor. I have some financial problems right now, so I want to sell it asap and a fast sale can be done only at a low price.
    The transaction will be made through Amazon protection program for the safety of both of us.
    If you're interested to purchase just email me with your full name and shipping address(street address,city,state and zipe code), so I can notify Amazon that you are selected as my buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.


    I responded with a desire to inspect the machine, bring cash and close the deal at her local police station so she could feel safe. No response back and similar adds with different posters the last two days.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR if it looks to good to be true you know it is.
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    Been There, Done That!

    ..........both on ATV's and tractors! I bet if you would have just asked to see it, it would have been in Montana! "But not to worry, I won a free shipping certificate through DAS, and they can drop it off for a ten day inspection!" Alot of the ploys are disguised as a Serviceman being deployed. The Amazon thing is new to me. My 'scammers' said they'd work through E-Bay, "For both our safety"........I alerted E-Bay. Careful out there.........~Scotty

    I should have added: If I wanted to continue, 'Click this 'link'. It took me to a carbon copy of the Ebay site. It was impecable! (sp?)! The only way I confirmed it was a scam is the navigation bar was bogus! It was like a screen cut of E-Bay at a bogus site. I will say, these scammers are good at their 'stuff'. ~S

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    If they only put as much work into a regular job they'd be millionaires and be doing it honestly...
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    I know people can be in dire straits and strapped for some quick money. But to think that someone would be willing to let such a machine go for such a measly amount of money regardless of wanting so called "quick cash"........well that deal is just way too good to be true. Not even 2,500!! Heck even 5,000 would be a red flag on that one.

    Greg from western pa

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    "10 day trial", eh? Well, I live in NY... and let's say I book the free trial at a home rented for a week in Keokuk, IA... Then trailer it home for the real trial... Then both of us should be happy as "2 scams are better than one"!

    There isn't enough "scared" in scammer people anymore as they sit invisible on the Internet tossing stuff out there. Back in the day you usually knew where folks selling stuff lived and they knew that you knew where they lived... And that upped the sales of Louisville Sluggers in addition to baseball. I'm very shy of stuff privately sold on the internet, it's bad enough I have to order stuff from Gempler's all the time!
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    I have seen this same ad here on the St. Louis Craig's List. It's popped up a few times now.
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    It's not new, and it's not unique. I see very similar things for snowmobiles, cars, motorcycles, and a variety of other "big ticket" items. There are always a few things to tip you off:

    - Price is just plain too low.
    - Ad stays up for a few days, even though the price is too low for it to "last".
    - Little things like "under roof" instead of "under cover" or "in a garage" or "under a carport".
    - Any return email that discusses shipping, trial periods, or using Amazon or eBay Motors to do the transaction without an actual listing on those sites.

    These things are typically for items that are too large to send via UPS or FedEx and would have to be shipped by a Common Carrier (since they're always, invariably, located far away from the CL city where they're being listed).

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