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    Anyone Have Thoughts On This

    One way or the other? I have a utility cart with both tires off the rim. Thinking about giving this a try but know I'll get good advice from you fellas. Should I give it a go or myself silly for even thinking about it?
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    I have done this with a wheel barrow tire. It works. It is a bit exciting, but it works. I would do it again, for sure.

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    I guess when he mounts big loader tires he'd suggest "C4"? I'd watch that myself... from a distance!
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    I've done that more than I care to recall. When I was working on semi trucks full time, a extra can of starting fluid and a torch striker were on the service truck just for changing tires. I'd change the tire, then lay the wheel on a bucket to get the tire off the ground. Attach the air hose to the valve stem, hit it with the starting fluid and the striker.

    I don't recommend doing it. I avoid doing it now, I'll take a tire to my local tire store before putting the spray to it. It's a great way to accidentally destroy a tire, or get hurt. There are much better ways. For tires like car, truck, and tractor tires a Cheetah tank is the tool for the job. Your local tire shop will have one, and be glad to seat them for you for a fee. For small tires like lawnmower and ATV tires, I use a ratchet strap. Put the strap around the circumference of the tire, in the center. Tighten the ratchet strap down until the tire squeezes enough for both beads to contact the rim. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of tightening. Slowly begin to inflate the tire. Once the beads seat, remove the strap. Be careful, it will be under pressure from the tire trying to expand. Once the strap is off, finish inflating to the full pressure.

    The other option for small tires is to buy tubes or even new tire and wheel assemblies. New tires on the wheels for my lawn cart were only about $10 apiece, if I recall properly.
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    Your mileage may vary.

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    Starting fluid seems to be the common weapon of choice to do this. Why risk the injury?

    Get a tie-down strap and wrap it around the tire so that it's almost snug. Slip a piece of wood in between the strap and tire and twist it to make the strap into a tourniquet of sorts. As you twist the stick, the strap tightens on the tire and squeezes it toward the center of the rim. That drives the sidewalls out to press against the rim and will form a bead so you can start to inflate the tires.

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    Ether is the only way I've ever seated tubeless tires Quite a few years ago, when it was -20 F I was trying to get a tire to seat. Well, the starting fluid didn't seem to ignite real well at those temps. So of course I did what anyone would do.... I kept squirting it in. It ignited. The tire seated, and I burned about 2 inches off my bangs, and looked like I had my eyebrows plucked. It was 2 weeks before I got married, and I had to get some pictures taken the next day. My wife was not happy
    I didn't learn though... 25 years later, I still do the same thing It's too much fun to do it any other way
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    Buy tubes and be done with it. It's not so much doing what you asked but rather how many more times will you be doing it later. Just sayin.
    Besides, with 3 more to go, why take a chance?

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