My pond in leaking !!!!
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Thread: My pond in leaking !!!!

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    My pond in leaking !!!!

    I have two ponds on my property and both are leaking. They are each about 100' x 60' and 5' deep. I've read about using bentonite, but most of the things I see say that the correct application is to drain the pond, till it, and apply the bentonite. Drain and till isn't an option. I've been thinking about buying some bentonite at the Co-Op and just throwing it in the pond. Is that just a waste of money and time? The other "neighborly" idea I've gotten is to get some hogs. That isn't happening either.

    Would appreciate any idea from you guys.

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    If the leaks are severe, draining will be the only option for a good "fix". If the leaks are slow enough, they may get a little better, over time. Can you tell which area is leaking? Is there one side that the ground is wetter, or the mud extends a greater distance from the tank/pond itself?

    I've never used bentonite in a pond, but in an aquarium, when used with live plants, all it does is cloud the water. I can't see how it would help to just toss some in the pond, without draining things first. But if you try it and it works, be sure and let us know!
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    Do you know where it's leaking?
    How old is the dam? (I assume the dam is leaking)?
    Any fish in the ponds?

    Many, many years ago my father and I used Bentonite, it seemed to help but in the end we redid the dam.
    We tried it both ways, water in the pond and with the pond drained.
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