Here's hoping that all my John Deere friends in the Northeast escaped the storm
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Thread: Here's hoping that all my John Deere friends in the Northeast escaped the storm

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    Here's hoping that all my John Deere friends in the Northeast escaped the storm

    We were very fortunate inland from Atlantic City. As hard as the derecho storm hit last June, it's nothing like the devastation in our shore communities. Hope everyone else in our area is safe and did not suffer any serious damage to property. I wish I could whisk my 1026R down to the shore to help with the sand removal. Only now are residents being allowed back on the barrier islands.
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    Wow Mr. Z, that is incredible. We here in MD faired much worse in June than this storm.

    Here is a long thread we have on Sandy:

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    It is good to hear from someone in New Jersey who didn't suffer damage. Glad you are OK.

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