RIP Ax Men's Jimmy Smith From S&S Aqua Logging Dies 11-1-12
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Thread: RIP Ax Men's Jimmy Smith From S&S Aqua Logging Dies 11-1-12

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    RIP Ax Men's Jimmy Smith From S&S Aqua Logging Dies 11-1-12

    Love him or hate him...

    From this link: Ax Men - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    S&S Aqua Logging

    Founded by Jimmy Smith in South Cle Elum, Washington, S&S recovers sunken old-growth logs from the beds of rivers that were used by earlier generations of loggers to float them downstream. The company motto is "Recovering the forests of yesterday to save the forests of tomorrow," reflecting their commitment to never cut down a live tree. His son James is active in the business, leaving to work for Collins River Logging in Season 3 and returning to S&S in Season 4.
    Jimmy Smith was born on May 3, 1956 and died on November 1, 2012

    James Frank "Jimmy" Smith Obituary: View James Smith's Obituary by The Seattle Times

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    I was sad to see this last night during the new episode. I think Jimmy still had a lot of living to do with his family. It makes one think how life can change at any moment without fair warning.
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