Prayers sent to Connecticut
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Thread: Prayers sent to Connecticut

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    Prayers sent to Connecticut

    WTF is going on. I don't get it. Little kids!! Sorry I'm pissed off had to rant. Prayers go out to the families.

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    Evil and crazy walk among us.

    What a horrible, sickening situation. I couldn't even imagine what those families are having to deal with.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    Had play practice at our church and the young kids were asking ,What did the kids do to deserve being shot. Hard to explain to little ones that they hadn't done anything , but now they were in Heaven now and no more harm would come to them.

    Prayers for their families

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Tragic, unthinkable, horrific & awful can't even begin to describe this. I was in CT on business yesterday and everyone was in semi-shock over the sad news. Children?? Innocent victims. Their families and friends will never be the same.
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    That one pic of the little boy and girl next to each other is the one that really got to me. What can you even say to little kids like that?? Very sad situation.
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    It is horrible. A high school shooting is bad enough, but these kids were so young, they likely didn't know what was going on. It's so sad to see someone who was a little messed up hurt so many innocent children and families.
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    Re: Prayers sent to Connecticut

    The scumbag that did this is such a coward to shoot himself at the end. I wish that he would have live to go through the torture that some of these families will the rest of their lives. I cannot imagine the pain some families will feel every Christmas as they reflect on their lost child.

    These cowards that choose schools need to grow a pair and choose a military base or police department. Sorry for the rant. This makes me mad as many of the news channels will make the shooters out as not so bad people with problems. Almost allowing the next guy to think its ok. These people are scum bags. Tell the world that this shooter was/is a scum bag.

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    This is/was a horrific tragedy in so many ways. There are still details coming out about the events and the shooter. While hindsight is always 20/20, I have a suspicion that there will be some "red flags" that got missed, overlooked, and/or ignored.

    My thoughts are with the families and friends of everyone that was directly impacted by a loss, everyone that was impacted by presence, and everyone that was impacted by knowledge of this terrible event.

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    At a loss for words

    When I first heard about this awful event , I couldn't help but also feel for the first responders who had to see and examine the crime scene. No matter how much training that a LEO officer or paramedic goes through, scenes like that will shake a person to the core. Might even make a person quit their job and choose a different profession.

    And, most importantly the parents who lost their children or even those that lost friends, siblings, or relatives. Their whole world and routine has been shattered. My heart goes out to all those affected by this absolutely terrible event. It will take a tremendous amount of support and determination for people to find a way to heal and function normally. Don't know how a person directly afftected by this could do anything normal for a long time. Their hearts and souls must hurt so bad.

    Still numb after learning about it all. Will be sending many prayers to them.

    So sorry for all the precious lives lost. My heart aches for those little innocent kids and all the other victims.

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    Does anyone else think they put too much of this on the news? The news media makes a huge event out if it including info that always turns up innacturate.

    It seems to me that borderline people might be more inclined to go over the edge and do such a horrific act if they thought the president was going to talk about it and they would cancel prime time TV shows to make a special.

    Maybe I am wrong but I don't need 2 months of hashing over what movies the shooter went to, where he got the bullets and how he made his money.

    And NO, I don't think this has anything to do with guns. NONE.

    My heart goes out to the families. Bad enough to lose any family member but victims so young would be worse.

    Our society is becoming evil and the fact they took God out of schools is a major influence (in my humble opinion).
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