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    Old Guys Rule

    I’m a young guy currently in my early 30’s. I grew up in a subdivision and my father was a business man. If anything broke around the house or needed fixing, he would hire it out. I have many fond memories of my childhood and my father is a great man.

    Unfortunately for thought me though, I never learned how to be “handy” around the house. I never gained the knowledge that many have received from growing up on a farm or around someone knowledgeable in fixing and building things. As I grew up, I found an extreme interest in how things work and I really like getting my hands dirty. I also found great interest in woodworking and country living. I love building something from scratch. The feeling of accomplishment after it is complete is truly awesome.

    I couple years ago, my wife and I purchased 20 acres and a few months ago we bought my first tractor. Construction on our dream house in the country will begin in a few months. I currently have a pile of books and have self-taught myself everything from trim carpentry to basic maintenance on my tractor. One of my greatest teachers has been YouTube!

    Shortly after I purchased the land, I introduced myself to a new neighbor and we have become good friends. He owns an excavation business (now run my sons) and is a farmer. This “old guy” knows how to do everything and I have gained a huge amount of respect from him. I’ll often stop by his house and catch him in the middle of removing an excavator track or restoring an old Allis Chalmers tractor. I’ll then give him a hand where I can and listen to everything he as to say. To be completely honest, I usually feel pretty dumb around him :empathy3:. I hope to someday know half the things he does.

    I few days ago, I broke my garage door. After messing with it for a while, I called a friend over who is another “old guy.” Within minutes, he had the door back on track. Before he left, I asked him to take a quick look at a problem I was trying to fix on my tractor. Keep in mind; I had been messing with this issue a couple days. Again, within minutes, he showed me what the problem was and we fixed it together.

    What I’ve realized is no matter how many books I read or videos I watch, there is no substitute for an “old guy’s” knowledge.

    So, my hat goes off to all you “old guys.” Thank you for all your wisdom and knowledge. We “young guys” couldn’t make it through life without you.
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    Great story! I have had a few "old guys" in my life as well, I hope to be one someday as well

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    Boy ElWood, I'm an older guy and I'm still always looking for answers from someone, don't cut yourself short. I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm a member here.

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    I know, don't you hate that? I occasionally play around with old Briggs engines. I read all the manuals and watch 100 videos, but I never have any luck with them. Every time one of the "old guys" takes a look at one, he has it running in two minutes.
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    I hear you Elwood about not having the "teaching" of others while growing up. My father has absolutely no mechanical aptitude whatsoever,and both my grandfathers were physically ill while growing up. I had no one to learn from. Strange as it may be,I rebuilt an entire V8 from the ground up when I was 17 years old,and there aren't many things that I can't figure out how to fix or disassemble/assemble. Lucky I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
    Boy ElWood, I'm an older guy and I'm still always looking for answers from someone, don't cut yourself short. I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm a member here.


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