How Has Your Tractor Changed Your Life?
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Thread: How Has Your Tractor Changed Your Life?

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    How Has Your Tractor Changed Your Life?

    On another thread, I posted how my life has changed (a lot) since purchasing my first tractor. So, I wanted to see what others here have experienced.

    Did you buy more property (like me)?

    Did you start a business (like Ike Kennyd)?

    Did life just get easier and more fun?

    What's your story?
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    I got my tractor after owning my land 4 years. I reached a wall where I knew either I had to get heavy equipment, or my dream was going to die on the vine. I had considered a compact track loader, but the high operating costs and almost non-existant ground clearance put a knife in that one quick.

    How's it changed my life? I look back at a solid day's brush clearing and all the effort, suffering, exhaustion... for the work I now achieve between checking emails every 40 minutes or so, and I'm bummed when I run out of pop or there's no breeze because sitting over/behind the engine's kinda warm.

    I've done 11 hour days moving rock, to then take a day off and do it again. My torso is sore from bouncing around, but I have no aches and pains from manhandling logs like I used to.

    When I was moving sand today, I was thinking about "poor" bucket fills (where the material doesn't flow and you get a smaller "cake" instead) and how many shovel fulls my bad load was comparable to... Made me care a lot less in a hurry.

    I've got a larger machine than a lot of guys on here, and I'm glad I went bigger. It's not for everyone, but I can handle 95% of the tasks I need done.
    5065E MFWD w/553 loader

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    It allows me to live on small acreage and not in the 'burbs!
    I have more ideas than ambition.

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    Loader and snowblower = less back pain
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    2009 JD 2305 w/ Femco folding ROPS,Power Beyond Kit, KBOH, 54"MMM, 47" Snowblower, 200CX Loader w/ BB, Powerhorse 12 ton Logsplitter and King Kutter tool carrier and 17P kart
    2009 Cub Cadet/Yanmar ex3200, Land Pride 60” land plane and 60” finish mower, worksaver posthole digger w/ 9” auger, “The thumb” add on grapple, third function valve and KBOH of course

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    Tractors make work. We (Babycakes and I) like working outdoors so I guess you can say it made our lives better.
    Main reason for the tractor was because of the horses.

    JD 2320, 200CX FEL/61" bucket , 46 BH/16" bucket, Artillian Forks, 72" Snow Blade, Landscape Rake, Ballast Box, PHD, The Wife
    BX42 Chipper, XUV 560 Gator, Z915B ZTrak

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    I've had lawn tractors before this, namely a Wheel Horse 212-5 then the JD LT 155 which had their shortcomings when it came to hauling anything large and snowplowing.

    Up to this point felled trees and brush had to be cut up into manageable sizes then lifted into a cart then out more.

    Snow management was poor and non existent if you got caught in a snowstorm overnight. You chipped away incrementally and hoped the chains were enough to not stop the process getting stuck .. no more .

    My Bluestone driveway always needed to be hand raked every so often to level it out and then if it got too compacted, fresh stone would be necessary more

    Mulch was always a chore. Either pay the 100.00 per yard to have it installed or pay $25-$28 a yard and install it yourself, hand shoveling it into a carts then more.

    How has the tractor changed my life you ask? The tractor has given me more time for family and has made the work far less tedious and back breaking.

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    I grew up around equipment. Dad's neighbor had a small family construction business with Ford & IH tractors, Hough loader, old Worthington air compressor. Dad, Grandfather & I were always called on for assistance whenever something was broken. Was running the Ford tractor with a Wain-Roy BH when I was 12. Have owned a BH or TLB for almost 40 years. Only for my use around the properties. Clearing land, rough and finish grading. Built a few new homes and handled "some" aspects of the projects. For the last 20 years or so just maintenance around the place. Digging stumps and rocks, burying boulders, dirt work, aerating, mowing and snow removal. Hope to purchase a new tiller soon.

    They make work much easier but also contribute to a sense of accomplishment.
    John Deere 3320
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    Frontier AP12F Forks

    John Deere 2032R
    R3's, 220R Loader, 57" HD Bucket
    Curtis Hard Side Cab & Heater
    62D Deck, iMatch Quick Hitch
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    Little Wonder "Optimax" & JRCO Blower Buggy
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    For me till 16 yrs ago ,I always used my FIL MF1655 to mow , plow snow , move dirt, or to till the garden. His was getting old then (23-24 yrs) so I bought my first JD425 ,54"mmm and front angle blade.
    Since then 2210 w fel. then 2305 fel, BH , 1026r and now 1025r. I've been able to help the community putting city water to their homes, clear driveways of snow with either the blower or blade. For me it's been a back saver, lifting , or carrying or just mowing the grass.

    Several times I have wondered why I didn't buy the 4110 ,think that was the #, when I bought the 425. Oh well and if it hadn't been for the daughters FIL I would have owned ,just guessing a MF because JD was to expenses compared to the others.

    But OH the comforts of the Deere compared to the others.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
    USAR 8yr 8 mo SSG 99th ARCOM
    JD 1025R, H120 FEL 54" bucket, 54" mmm Auto Conn, 54" Front blade, JD back hoe ,JD IMatch, 48" Bush Hog tiller, Middlebuster from MF dealer, used King Kutter 5' rear blade, a new 47" JD Front blower and Original Tractor cab w/heater.
    We have a Red Honda Pioneer 700-4 (4 seater) w/soft top , doors, and winch.

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    Add me to the list that grew up on them, mainly this 1958-720D ES: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	chillicothe 2004 165 - Copy.jpg 
Views:	38 
Size:	734.6 KB 
ID:	190162 I bought the 520 when we bought this property around 30 years ago, the 69-140 was my first JD garden tractor (the start of collecting).

    Don't have any of them anymore!

    1944 JD LA, 1953 JD 40S, 93-755 w/60" deck, '04-790 w/300 loader, 2000-F725, '07 "TS" Gator, 80-314 & numerous attachments!, 1980-2418 Power King, 1948 AC "G" & 1961 International Cub Lo Boy

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    Mine has made me thinner, better looking and more attractive to the ladies. Let's face it - driving a GREEN tractor just makes you a chick magnet!!

    On a serious note, it's allowed me to have some fun on our property. When we bought our wooded 5 acres five years ago I had (still have) a Gravely walk-behind tractor with a few implements (finish mower, brush hog, snow blade, rotary plow). A Gravely is a super capable tractor for it's size, but it will work a fat, gray haired guy like me! It definitely serves its purpose though.

    The main reason I bought the 3520 was to help clear the honeysuckle around here. I'm still contemplating the perfect tool to remove it but I have removed some. And, the emerald ash borer hit our property pretty bad, so now I have fallen ash trees throughout the property and the 3520 can drag them a lot easier than the Gravely.

    So, the short answer to the original question is that the tractor has allowed me to do things by myself that I couldn't do otherwise. Over the weekend I moved my gas grill back up on to the deck which is 4 steps up from ground level. I went inside and told sweetie that I'd moved it and she said "I saw every bit of it. Why is it that everyone else asks you for help on stuff, but you never ask anyone else?" I said "that's why I bought the tractor - so I don't have to ask!"
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    '05 JD 3520 Open Station w/ 300CX FEL
    Grandpa's '52 Farmall Cub
    A couple of old Gravelys
    Help a Vet and his dog

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