John Deere Triumph Grain Wagon
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Thread: John Deere Triumph Grain Wagon

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    John Deere Triumph Grain Wagon

    I have a JD triumph grain wagon I want to restore. Does anyone have plans, drawings, measurements they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance for your help

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    i dont know what a deere called a triumph grain wagon, but im not expert either. What about it are you restoring? do you have a model number? any pictures?

    On deeres website, you can access their parts manuals and get their service/operators manuals. I have not done any seaching on your grain wagon so i dont know if its a hydraulic dump or what, but thats where i would start.

    It would be nice if you shared pictures and what you did to it while restoring and after your done as well so the rest of us can see, thats always a nice touch.

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