CL ad in NH: Deere 455
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Thread: CL ad in NH: Deere 455

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    CL ad in NH: Deere 455


    Not mine, nor do I know the poster so your on your own, however, if you need someone to go look at it, I can do that.

    Seems to be in good condition although the pictures are dark. Ad says it's serviced and it comes with a 3pt, deck, front blade, chains, sprayer and a thatcher
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    60HD broom. 366 Blade, 59 blower, i-Match
    Looking for: Rear Wheel Weight Set

    Stuff for Sale:
    New 200CX/H130 Masts 25/2720-2032R
    New Jamison Bryce adapter, cart and chute

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    Not mine, nor do I know the poster so your on your own, however, if you need someone to go look at it, I can do that.

    Seems to be in good condition although the pictures are dark. Ad says it's serviced and it comes with a 3pt, deck, front blade, chains, sprayer and a thatcher[]

    Looks good through the fog but hours are awful low and the mower deck looks rough. Scammer? Hmmm
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    The 455 is a great machine. I have had one since I bought it new in 1996.

    However, some critical parts availability for this machine are becoming a problem. I have needed a new steering assist hydraulic cylinder since June and the part is on national back order and is being sourced to a new supplier and won't be available until at least December. My dealer put in an Emergency / Machine Down request and NO ONE had this part in stock nationwide.......

    I just checked yesterday on the latest status of this critical item......This is the first time I have encountered this problem with parts availability on this model and it turns out, my tractor hasn't moved since June because of this back ordered problem......Plus the part is nearly $400 when it is available. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.......Just FYI....

    Looks like the platform on that one has been painted, you can see that in the photo which shows the main safety decal on the platform hump.

    Hours are low, if they are accurate. Most of those 20 plus year old machines have anywhere from 800 to I have seen as many as 4,900 hours.....Mine is about 2,600 hours right now.......

    I really don't know why people post such dark photo's when all they have to do is drive it outside or open the door and let some light in......

    But I also wonder why people create Yard Sale signs and others which are intended to be read from a passing car at speed, yet they are written in a size where you have to hold the sign to be able to read it..... Happens all the time.

    The deck sure looks filthy in that one photo or is missing a bunch of paint. Can't really tell what is going on.

    Based upon my knowledge of these machines, it's price is on the higher side for what they sell for and the equipment included. I would also say the seat has been replaced, but that's ok, they spent nearly $200 for the seat so the next owner won't have to........

    These machines are notorious for having the Differential Lock shaft seal needing replacement and also for the other hydro case seals to require attention (as much due to years and hours). But those aren't a big deal if one has some mechanical skills and a decent set of tools.

    The low hours help.....The snow plow and front attachment are able to be sold all day long for $700 (assuming the lower wear bar hasn't been worn off the plow and the bottom edge of the plow destroyed and I have seen that many, many times). In fact, I bought two of those plows who had the wear edges worn off and made them into my new custom plow.

    I would say this is a good buy (if it is as it appears and the hour meter works or the dash hasn't been replaced) at about $4,000 to $4,200...............including the plow and front quick attachment.

    In my opinion and experience with these machines, It would be worth the money asked if it included either the MC519 cart and deck pulley driven blower or if it included a 47" two stage snow thrower.

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