I have a green Femoco Tuff-Top XLR sun shade that'll fit just about any tractor, mower, or ZTR with a roll bar/ROPS on it. The clamp for the shade will fit any 2x2 or 2x3 sized ROPS. The shade itself is the larger size at 48x52". The shade is rigid and really tough. This one happens to be green. The bracket mounts permanently to the ROPS and then the shade itself quickly mounts/dismounts with just two knobs to install. I've included some pictures of it on my tractor. Obviously, you're buying just the shade and mounting hardware, not the tractor. New, this shade costs about $225 by the time you get it delivered to your door

Asking $175. However, you have to figure out how you're picking it up in the southwest corner of Licking County, OH which is near Columbus, OH.