If you're happy with the 1025 and need space, sell the FEL, remove the 3pt lift arms . When all is said and done only a few inches of difference in size. Then if you ever want a tiller or rear attachment you have your lift arms. I'll till the garden and then I'll remove the lift arms till time to dig the potatoes in the fall. Gives me a 15" or so more space in the building, plus while mowing , can back up closer to a fence or building. If all else fails, remove the bucket from FEL , stand it on end in a corner, remove FEL at normal parking spot and then just park the 1025 between the fel arms.
You still have FEL if and when it is needed , you still have 3pt when needed. Heck I live on less than a acre, but every once in a while I find a need for the FEL or 3pt.

I posted the other day , I hate installing the driveover deck on the x738 for me its a PIA. I take it off at least 3 -4 times during mowing season and for me I'm not impressed .
Yes both are driveover , but for some reason, guessing series 1 has the guide bar for your tire , Then still seems old fashioned needed to connect the front lift bracket on the x compared to not needing to on the series 1.
Every time I go to remove the deck on the x I will forget to remove that front bracket. Admit better and easier than rolling the deck out from under the x590 Harley had till he bought the x738.