Box of parts for silverado 2500hd trucks/6.0 vortec
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Thread: Box of parts for silverado 2500hd trucks/6.0 vortec

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    Box of parts for silverado 2500hd trucks/6.0 vortec

    In my many years of owning a 6.0 vortec, I accumulated a bunch of spare parts. Well, I sold the truck and got a diesel so now the parts are worthless to me. I'm listing them here if anyone is interested.

    I have a complete oil pump kit (new Melling oil pump, timing cover gasket, all other needed gaskets, O-rings and seals, harmonic balancer bolt, and RTV. original price $190), a Precision U joint kit (cross, cups, needles, snap rings. Is the greasable type. Original price $22 ), A Cloyes HD timing set (new sprockets and chain. was included in the oil pump kit), a heater core hose quick-connect fitting (I kept a spare around in case the original broke- a common issue on these trucks. If they get old and break off it'll dump all your coolant and destroy the engine. original price $8), and I also have roughly 2 and a half quarts of Valvoline maxlife 5w30 synthetic-blend oil (originally $25, but since its partly gone lets just say $10). Not keeping the oil because I really don't need it for anything and it takes up tons of space.

    I'll sell the whole box of parts listed above for $250 shipped. I would like to sell everything in one go. I have pics of everything below. Let me know if anyone's interested and we'll work out the details.

    oil pump;

    install kit;

    balancer bolt;


    Timing set;


    Heater fitting;


    More pics available if needed.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails D235D775-1403-48C2-A303-FD87AD4F686A.JPG   776160BB-208C-450C-99FE-29799269FDF6.JPG   2586DFA7-ABA0-43DA-94A8-6145B21E0DD3.JPG   EBC109A4-933C-40C9-87B9-62DD634DCDC3.JPG   4DE13402-F276-4D98-9D42-85006828B94B.JPG  

    6BF0547C-EAF4-4B6B-BEF3-A6F0B56E9A84.JPG   86D8D6F5-E287-4BA6-82C0-967FCFA19E9F.JPG   98D2945F-E1A1-4BF9-BD9E-9334847286A2.JPG   14A610F0-7EF1-474E-BACB-B42D5DEF3278.JPG   2025086B-4938-4959-81CA-9DC865B14905.JPG  

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