1025r Newbie and Storage Help
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Thread: 1025r Newbie and Storage Help

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    1025r Newbie and Storage Help

    Hello all! Been lurking for a while, but finally decided to speak up!

    We are moving into a new home with 2.5 acres, some landscaping, and a small to medium sized drive way. Decided on a 1025r for the FEL and versatility. My wife even supports the decision! 😀

    Here's the rub though: the house has an attached 2 car garage that we'd like to keep for the cars and we will need to build a small storage shed or garage for the 1025r. Because we have neighbors, we are looking for a smallish building for the back yard.

    I have seen a few 12x16 buildings with a single overhead garage door that may look good, but will it fit the 1025r with a FEL? Only a few small other items will go in the building.

    Thanks for the advice. Maybe this is better suited for a different section of the site, but because it was 1025r related, I posted it here.


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    Hello welcome to the forums, I store my 1025R w/FEL and blower attached in a 18 x 10 foot space, it is actually 18 x 28 shop but the tractor sits on the smaller foot print. A 12 x 16 shed would work I would think. Enjoy your tractor
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    Plan extra space for additional implements down the road.

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    For reference, my 1025 with FEL and BH is just under 16' long. So you will only have a couple feet in length to play with. I built mine at 24' deep, so there is plenty of room. 12' wide will be plenty if you keep it off to one side, you should have more storage room. Good luck.
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    Pay attention to the door height if you buy anything so the tractor will fit with the ROPS up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coaltrain View Post
    Pay attention to the door height if you buy anything so the tractor will fit with the ROPS up.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what he said.
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    I have a 14' bed on my trailer. If I put my 1025R with the 3 point, 3 point JD quick hitch, heavy hitch 3 point receiver/weight bar, 40 lb. suitcase weights hanging on the weight bar and the FEL attached, I cannot lower the bucket onto the trailer bed. I have to leave it raised over the rear ramp.

    So, will a 1025R with the FEL and rear ballast box attached fit in a 12 x 16 foot shed, yes if you have the tractor sitting the 16' direction but not with a lot of extra room.

    Something else to consider since you are buying a shed. Have them build it slightly higher and put a 7'-6" high overhead door in the end where the tractor will travel in and out. With a 7'-6" high door opening, you can leave the ROPS up. They will not fit in a 7' high door.
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    If you have the space, I would HIGHLY recommend that you build larger than 12x16. You will need to be able to store your tractor and loader when the loader is detached. You'll also want to store your mower deck when it is not attached. Also, rear ballast, fuel storage, etc.

    I chose 24x24, and I wouldn't want to go any smaller.

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    Tim - as soon as I read the OP's question I thought of you. Don't you have a thread or a video on building your shed/barn? It would probably be super helpful to the OP to see your setup.

    To the OP - congrats on your new place! And, I'm guessing from your handle that you might have spent some time in the military. If so - THANKS for your service!
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    I put a 16x30 foot up. Wish it was wider. Just sayin.

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