My 1025r step mod
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Thread: My 1025r step mod

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    My 1025r step mod

    Being a fat old man I had been using a plastic folding step to get on the 1025r. I had a string attached to it so I could throw it out of the way after I was in the saddle. This was fine in the garage but if I had to get off outside I was screwed!! So I watch all the other people doing steps on the 2 series and I thought why not. I ordered The Deere step and went to work, I found out the 1 series has no support where I needed it. I thought maybe just red rill holes in the step mount and get longer 10mm bolts in the floorboard. Tried this and only 1/2" of the step showed, not enough to get my shoe in. Then I got a heavy piece of aluminum channel and cut it to fit under the floorboard then drilled it to fit the bolt wholes. Then I drilled wholes for the step has far front has possible. It turned out pretty nice but it flexes just a bit with my 420lbs on it. It showed the full step I have used it several time and it help more geTtong off the tractor. It's a little low I'll see if the mower clears it if not just two bolts and it comes off. Then I will have the owner to use for a step.
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    Looks great to me.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
    USAR 8yr 8 mo SSG 99th ARCOM
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    We have a Red Honda Pioneer 700-4 (4 seater) w/soft top , doors, and winch.

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    as long as it helps u-were happy
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    2006 2520 mcut, 2004 x475, 1953 model 50, 1985 318-was my Dad's,
    king kutter tiller-60", frontier-stone rake, jd-4ft brush hog, frontier-6ft back-blade, frontier-forks, 48 inch forks,
    2-54inch jd snow plows, jd-5ft-pull brush hog,

    2018 835R gas model gator-"aka" the Cadillac i say!! 6ft jd snow plow-which already has a dtac out on it. i got just about everything on it i could at the time

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    Cool !! That's a good idea !!
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    Blue Hawk (?) Plug Aerator

    2016 x580
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    Jeff's LED Taillights
    JD Mulch Kit
    42 Hyd. Tiller

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    Any chance of a picture from underneath?
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    My Equipment:
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    Very nice - looks factory!

    Adding my step (with the help of our forum members) has been the single most helpful mod for me.
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    It is what it is
    Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss
    2520 w/200CX w/62D2

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    Looks good. Might be right in that sweet spot or just out of it for the mower to work with it.
    1026R -- 60D mmm -- H120 Loader -- Curtis 150 Tiller -- DR 3 point Chipper -- Howse Middle Buster -- Brinly 16 Blade Disk -- Kodiak 5' Box Blade -- 12-42 lb. suitcase weights -- Lawn roller -- Upgraded seat springs from psrumors -- Kennyd's bolt on hooks & clevis -- BXpanded tooth bar -- CMI 6' wagon -- Heavy Hitch Cultivator /garden bedder / hiller attachments --

    Donated by some great people/vendors on here: 72 lb. wheel weights -- Bro-Tek 1½" rear wheel spacers.
    NRA Life Member

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    If you think clearance maybe a problem, you could replace the vertical legs of the steps with some multi-ply rubber belt---like that they utilize for extending the impeller blades in the snowthrower mod thread. I've seen this on heavy equipment steps.
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    2017 1025R TLB & 2017 1025R FEL
    2*54 Mower Decks w/Independent Lift
    2*47 Snow Blowers
    2*Cozy Cab
    2*Heavy Hitch Receiver Hitch w/Dual Suitcase Weight Brackets, Storage Cart, & 1*Front Suitcase Weight Bracket
    50" Wicked Root Grapple
    Land Pride LR1560 Land Rake w/ wide gauge wheels & plow blade
    BXpanded Backhoe Dolly
    MCS20 Leaf/clippings hopper
    647 Tiller
    2001 455 AWS & 1999 455 AWS--Both Sold

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    That looks really nice! As others has said, it looks as if it came from the assembly line with the step already installed.
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    3520 (cab, eHydro, R1's, 300x fel, forks, grapple) Frontier 5' cutter, 7' Tufline disk, 6' Gill pulverizer, 6' box blade, 6' rear blade, TSC post auger, 6' Woods rfm, 8' JD rotary hoe, 8' Brillion cultipacker, 6' field cultivator, Tarter spreader, Fimco 3 point sprayer, subsoiler, ken's bolt on hooks & clevis, JD Z920 ZTR

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