Will These Tires Fit?
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Thread: Will These Tires Fit?

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    Will These Tires Fit?

    I've have a new 1025r TLB. And one of the front tires is slowly and constantly losing air. The dealer I bought it from is 3000 miles away - and I have a feeling the warranty (or my local dealer) won't cover a tire repair. And I really don't want any down time.

    Service and parts, etc where I live is a major pain. I saw this on Craigslist today. Would these fit my tractor? They are brand new. He wants $350, but I may get them for a little less. Things like this are usually 50% more here than on the Mainland. And there would never be another opportunity - other than new - and probably for an arm and a leg.

    Anyway, I though I would ask. Advertised as:

    Brand New Industrial Tires and wheels for Kubota Bx Series. Fits John Deere small tractor too. (tire size 18x8.5x10) $350

    It turns out that I know the guy selling them, and he will probably have trouble selling them - so I can maybe get them for less. I thought it may be a good idea to have them around for backups. I work on incredibly sharp and rocky terrain.
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    You have to be careful with tire sizes. The 4WD tractors have factory spec size tires to prevent drivetrain binding problems.
    If they are the same size tires, there shouldn't be a problem.
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    Tire shop cost to tube it is probably $20. That is what I did to one of my slow leakers.
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    Ask suggested, I would put a tube in your leaker. If you have Tractor Supply on the island, I would go get one from there and have your local tire shop install it. If not I am sure you can source one from the internet.

    If you want these tires, just make sure they are the same size as your fronts, I think the 18x8.5x10's are correct, so they should fit on your rims but check your present tire size. Not sure if the rim will fit though. You will have to check bolt spacing for that. If for nothing else, you can get them as spares in case your present tires go flat. I had a brand new front R4 die on me in less than 50 hours last year, developed a blister and that was it, it was a slow leaker too. Not sure what caused it. My guess is repeated heavy loads using my grapple and not enough air in the front tires worked them too much. So if nothing else always check pressure in that tire before using your tractor.
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    They are the right size so, yes they will fit. But the rims is another question. Don't know if they will fit. Don't know how Miller tire (a vendor on here) does shipping to Hi. but you might want to check them out. For the price of them tires and rims you have a good deal and could possibly sell the rims if they don't fit your tractor. If they do fit then a couple spares never hurt.
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    Kubotas in Oregon run Titan tires. Probly all states IDK?

    These are Great tires. Titan bought out Dico.

    Dico is what came on the JD 955's back in the day.

    Took alot of research to finally figure this out when i replaced both fronts on my 955 last year.

    Tire shops tried to sell me some korean tire and another from ShrilankA...No thanks

    Buy once cry once...Titan's are GTG

    Just check your size #'s if its for a 4x4 tractor....

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    Tires... yes

    Rims ... no. Your 1025r has 5 bolt wheels, not 4

    That being said, Miller Tire lists several fronts that size. They range from $85 to $42.... How much is shipping is the big question I guess. Even doubling the cost of shipping doubles the cost of a pair of the $85 tires, it's still $10 cheaper than the $350 price, plus you won't have to pay to dismount them off the rim that you can't use. Just a thought

    Good luck.
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