1-series fender mounted lights - purpose?
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Thread: 1-series fender mounted lights - purpose?

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    1-series fender mounted lights - purpose?

    I haven't used my tractor after dark, because of the noise possibly disturbing neighbors. So I'm confused about the purpose of the fender mounted lights. What work might I be doing at night with the tractor where these lights would be useful? Thanks.
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    Mileage May Vary

    The lights to me serve just as an overall side flood. When working in the dark doing anything with alot of light helps. Ups your operational and situational awareness. If your mowing lawn you can see your deck/chute, check your tires traction if your in a mess, or see whatever maybe in a blind spot better. These are fun toys but also serious enough to hurt or damage someone/something so any aid at night is better then non. Plus they keep JD in money if you rip one off and help the wife cause she's affraid of the dark.

    I've ran mine a couple times in the pitch black and I wish I woulda had more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RetiredDoc View Post
    ...... I'm confused about the purpose of the fender mounted lights. What work might I be doing at night with the tractor where these lights would be useful? Thanks.
    I live in the middle of nowhere and am retired, so my concept of "time" is probably different than yours. I often plow or blow snow at night so I can use the driveway in the morning. I'm often outside in the evening in the late fall or early spring cutting or splitting wood. I use the bucket to haul it to the wood piles for stacking. Just because the sun is down that doesn't mean the work stops. I'd like it if the 1025r came with even more lights!
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    Late fall it gets dark around 4:30 which is much too early to put the tractor to bed. I used mine to fully illuminate the side of the house so I could finish installing siding. It did a far better job than the truck because I could point and turn the lights. I also specifically like to use them when parking the tractor in the garage; the loader often blocks the headlights while the fender lights greatly help. They also work great for snow blowing, when the chute blocks the headlights.

    I plan on installing even more LED lighting on the ROPS, pointing both fore and aft.
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    Sometimes you plow or blow snow at night to keep up with the snowfall. If you let it get too deep, clearing it can be much more difficult. You need the light to make sure you don't run into something solid with the plow or blower. It addition to the darkness, you may have a lot of snow coming down to block your view. The lighting helps. When I'm off my property and clearing the public road, the tractor's lighting is also important to make sure I'm seen by other drivers.

    I've also mowed at night. Typically, it happens when I get started too late in the day and then I want to finish. The lighting is adequate to do a fine job of mowing, even with no other lighting than the tractor. Having done this a few times, I'll note that it is much cooler at night and you don't need sunscreen. Just know your neighbors' bedtimes.
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    I often use my 1026r for snow removal at night. Sometimes I pick up leaves or mow in the dark as work keeps me away from home during the daylight hours. The factory lights work well for mowing, but I added the light kit for snow removal.
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    I have found the side lights best feature is they aren't blocked by the FEL when it is in the optimal position to move the tractor. I try not to work past 9PM to keep the neighbors from complaining but it is easy to work well into the dark in the fall months. When you are trying to scoop or level with the FEL or trying to sty in your tracks with the mower the side lights really help.

    I have added a 120W light bar to my ROPS for forward work and two 65W rear facing for salt spreading and box blade work after dark. I can also rotate the 120W light bar to the rear and use it and the rear facing lights for working with the BH after dark. The additional LED lights mean I can dig well into the darkness and get done what needs to be done. At some point, the neighbors have to understand I only have so many hours in a day and things need to get done.
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    Good question RetiredDoc. I often snowblow early in the morning so that's when those fender lights earn their keep for me. As for waking up the neighbors, I have 2 whose voices, music, vehicles, and quite simply any noise they can make, could drown out the sound of my 1026R, so I don't worry about that. As for mowing, maybe once a season I get behind the 8 ball and need to finish up after dark. Funny you question the purpose of the lights, because I often question the need for all the extra lighting some folks add to their machines and up on the ROPS. I have no need for it. But, if it works for them, that's good enough for me.
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    My 2016 F150 came with side flood lights mounted to the mirrors. When you're off road in the dark you want to see around you. When you pull into an area in the dark and, lets say you then have to back up while turning the wheel sharply one way or another, it helps to know if your front end might hit something while it's swing out of the spot.

    So, when you're working in a tight area in the dark with the FEL on, some side lighting is helpful.
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    If you really want to know how good or what they are good for all you have to do is go out after dark and turn on just the front lights, then turn on all the lights. Should answer your question. 'Course if you don't work at night then you don't need any lights unless you go on the road. Then the question would be, why are there any lights on the tractor?!
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