1025 technicals service manual
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Thread: 1025 technicals service manual

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    1025 technicals service manual

    I'm trying to identify the service manual for my 1025 ser#329*** thru green parts. I've read some threads that say to make sure you get the right one. I was only able to find one manual on JD's website. Doesn't even have a title, it says all inclusive and it is for the 1023,1025 and 1026. Is this the manual or is there a serial # specific 1025 manual?
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    Bush hog SBX 480 box blade, BX 600 box Blade
    Frontier LR2060L landscape Rake w/ gauge wheels, subsoiler
    Woods RBC 60 Rear Blade
    Land Pride QH-15 quick hitch
    Everything Attachments 60" Pine Needle Raked
    Garber Easy Seed 60" drop spreader

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    I don't believe so. My service manual mentions the 1023 and 1025. I got it in my deal for the tractor. I got both the parts manual and the service manual the printed verisions. I bought the CD rom version of the service manual from Green Farm parts. I actually use the CD Rom verision more because i have a laptop in garage.
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    From what I can see the TM126919 would cover your tractor. It covers the 1025R from serial #110001 and forward.

    Deere Publications 1025R Search
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    They only print one. When they make changes, they identify the S/N range within the appropriate section of the Technical Manual. They discontinue or cancel the previous version.

    Wiring harnesses are JD's favorite place to make changes. Check the wiring diagram and/or accompanying notes and you'll see S/N ranges for the different diagrams.

    For example, on page 240-10-5 of my manual, the notes indicate that from the beginning unit to S/N 512600 for the 1023E & 1025R that the "A" suffix sheet (SE02A) applies. For S/N beginning with 512601 to present (or the date of the manual, which in this case is April 2016) the "B" suffix sheet (SE02B) applies. I just received my manual in March 2017, so it should be the current version.
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    Land Pride LR1560 Land Rake w/ wide gauge wheels & plow blade
    BXpanded Backhoe Dolly
    MCS20 Leaf/clippings hopper
    647 Tiller
    2001 455 AWS & 1999 455 AWS--Both Sold

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