New 1025r - First Impressions
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Thread: New 1025r - First Impressions

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    New 1025r - First Impressions

    I just had my new 2017 1025r, H120 Loader and 60" MMM delivered yesterday. They were out of the 53" buckets so it was delivered with a used 49 and when the 53 comes in, they'll swap it out.

    As soon as they drove away, I removed the loader and started mowing our 2.6 acre field. Up to now, I'd been using a 2015 John Deere X300 with the 48" deck. The normal routine was to mow every 2 weeks until summer burned up the grass and it stops growing. April through June required every two weeks because the clover that mixes in with the field grass always clumps up and bogs the mower down some. I've learned to manage and go slowly but it's inevitable.

    In comes the 60" 7-Iron MMM - It's been almost three weeks since the last mowing and the deck did not bog down once. I did go slow at times and mostly to get used to the feel of the machine. In general, I was amazed at the torque difference. Also, the 7-Iron shoots the grass out the shoot about double the distance of the X300/48". The only complaint was a few scalps on the right side. I lowered the right side deck wheels one notch and will check out how good the dealer setup is over the weekend. But all in all, I am extremely pleased.

    One more thing, I had to go about 25 minutes past sunset and the stock lights were more than sufficient. I adjusted the fender lights just a bit to aim down at the place I was mowing but it clearly extended my mowing. Had it not been for the fender lights, I would have had to stop about 20 minutes short and finish another day.

    Also, thanks to everyone here at GTT. It's got to be the most polite, non-snarky forum I've ever seen. I read hundreds of posts prior to buying the tractor. This place answered or addressed everything I could think of.
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    Very nice, good luck with it.
    BTW, nice shorts and flip flops you have on.

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    Welcome From Illinois. You will find alot of info here. I like you tractor. When my 1025r came last july my grandson was on it before I was.
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    Ain't they a wonderful machine? Best of luck.

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    Have fun and be safe !!!
    USAR 8yr 8 mo SSG 99th ARCOM
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    Welcome from Central Florida. Enjoy your new toy!
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    Welcome from central Michigan. Nice ride!!!
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    Welcome and congratulations on your new tractor. Looks like you already have someone claiming seat rights
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
    Very nice, good luck with it.
    BTW, nice shorts and flip flops you have on.
    I agree with Giz.
    You look very happy with your new green baby.
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    1025R FILB, SB1148, BB2048, Ken's Hooks and Hitch, 36" Artillian forks, JD/Artillian 54" Plow and counting...
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