Kiddie Seat on 2305 tractor
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Thread: Kiddie Seat on 2305 tractor

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    Kiddie Seat on 2305 tractor

    Saw this kiddie seat installed on a JD 2305 sub compact the other day. To be clear, this is not my tractor, just one I saw for sale locally. Interesting to say the least.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 6.52.35 AM.png   Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 6.58.47 AM.png  
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    Very cute for sure but no seat belt/3-point harness . . . . Dangerous at best is my first thought after 'very cute'.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlin View Post
    Very cute for sure but no seat belt/3-point harness . . . . Dangerous at best is my first thought after 'very cute'.

    Marlin--ahh-heck-if that was mine-back in the day-i would of used binder twine to tie my kid in.

    i know that isn't what ya wanted to hear-and maybe ur right-about not having all that safety stuff, but when i was a kid-and my step-pap-first hay making was a field at my aunt's house. well my uncle would let me stand between his legs on a jd model B-we had the hay baler, and 2 hay wagons going down a state road back then. he would say-keep that baler's wheel off the yellow and off the white line. man i thought i was a big shot.

    on the way back home(about 5 miles-one way) we had to climb a hill, out of town, going from 6th gear to 5th, i would step onto the axle housing while he shifted-i thought it was neat back then, and believe me-i held onto that steering column tight. i would stand there while we pulled the hill,

    i had my kids around tractors when they was little and tried to teach em-to respect them-as they can hurt ya. i got throwed off our old B, and had my collar bone broken from it, but it didn't keep me from getting back on. still love tractors to thei day-with a replaced left shoulder ball and socket from it.
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    2-54inch jd snow plows, jd-5ft-pull brush hog,

    2018 835R gas model gator-"aka" the Cadillac i say!! 6ft jd snow plow-which already has a dtac out on it. i got just about everything on it i could at the time

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    I for one really like this extra seat, but alas my big butt will not even half fit in it. I would have bad dreams, of arm wrestling my 8 year old grandson for the big boy seat.
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    1025R TLB 54D MM, Imatch Quick hitch, BB, Ken's bolt on hooks, Piranha Tooth Bar, 36" Artillian forks, Cyclone rake XL, 54" Snowblower, 54"used blade, Edge Tamer and Extender, Heavy Hitch Subsoiler. Trailers: Sure-Trac 5x8 dump and a 7x16 steel side., 647 tiller, 5048 Box blade, heavy hitch tooth bar, 260B hoe, mulch kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlin View Post
    Very cute for sure but no seat belt/3-point harness . . . . Dangerous at best is my first thought after 'very cute'.

    Seatbelt? I think that's what the armrests are for. lol

    Just put the kids in a cart. That's what I do.
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    Cute picture. Unfortunately it would not work with my grandsons one 10 other 8. My ten year old can drive the tractor with a close eye of grandpa. Just pulling the cart loaded with dirt and slowly. Eight year old needs to hold off a couple years so feet reach pedals. But he is the one that really likes classic cars and tractors, well anything with an engine he can get in or on.

    They both started off riding with grandpa just steering all over the lawn. Not mowing with them on the tractor, just riding around.
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    KIddie seat

    Jeez, I always thought ya mounted the kiddie seat in the FEL!! JK!!!
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