1025r simple broken tail light fix
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Thread: 1025r simple broken tail light fix

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    1025r simple broken tail light fix

    As so many of us have done I got to close to a tree and ripped off my rops tail light. Lucky for me it it broke off where the knurled nuts are embedded in the plastic. After seeing the $80 cost for a replacement? I figured there's got to be a way to fix it.

    I searched the fourm and hadn't seen anyone with this fix so I figured I would post what I came up with. I removed both the red and yellow lenses and drilled all the way through the side with a 5/16 bit where the embedded nuts broke off . Be careful when drilling I hit the the lense screw mount and broke it off. It is now epoxied back in place. I also drilled out the nuts that broke off and orientated them back into place. I ran a 5/16 bolt through the rops side and put the nuts on inside of the light housing.

    I used 2" bolts because that's what I had. 1 1/2 might work better, but my 1025r is a 2016 and has the additional bracket bolted to the rops to place the lights higher up. If your lights bolt directly to the rops 3 1/2" should work.

    I wasn't planning on documenting this, but I did take a couple pictures. I think it's pretty self explanatory.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20170528_173404_1496023383713.jpg   IMG_20170528_173338_1496023446938.jpg   IMG_20170528_221138_1496024302885.jpg  
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    Saves 80$. Good idea.
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