1 series 99/month???
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Thread: 1 series 99/month???

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    1 series 99/month???

    Heard an add on the radio 1 series tractor is 99 bucks a month... I got a x750 that I am not paying 99 a month for... anybody think the dealer would make it worth while to move up?

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    I have seen those $99 a month ads before. I do not know how they come up with that number.
    The only way you will know what kind of trade you will get for sure is to talk to your dealer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisR View Post
    I have seen those $99 a month ads before. I do not know how they come up with that number.
    The only way you will know what kind of trade you will get for sure is to talk to your dealer.
    It is generally 20% down and then a basic configuration, like maybe just the tractor with no loader. JD advertised $139/month for the 3025e I bought but my payment is no where close to that because I bought the loader, two attachments and had a 3rd function valve added and then state sales tax whacked me pretty good. I did do a trade in of 2210 and that helped a lot.

    Depending on the age and hours of your X7 you will get a decent number for trade in. You will still be able to sell it for more money but that takes time and other resources so...it might be worth it to trade it. Anything to knock the payment down will help.
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    It's probably for a bare-bones 1023E, no attachments, no nothing. Just the tractor. With a ton of $ down. From the Deere website:

    4Offer valid on new 1023E Compact Tractor purchases made between 02 May 2017 and 31 July 2017. Subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial. Up to a 20% down payment may be required. Example: based on a purchase of $10,405 with $2,081 down payment, monthly payment of $99 at 0% APR for 84 months. Taxes, freight, set up and delivery charges could increase the monthly payment. Price and model availability vary by dealer. Valid only at participating US dealers.
    Compact Utility Tractors Special Offers on JohnDeere.com
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    The $99 a month is for a 1023 but I think you get the MMM and FEL with that. Not sure about the MMM and FEL.
    The 1023 with a MMM and FEL last year was $11,900.00
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    Zero percent financing doesn't leave much to the imagination. At 84 months, $99 per month is $8316. If you can strike a deal (after trade, taxes, down payment, etc.) where you are financing $8316, then, yes, that $99 per month is achievable. And for a machine that will most definitely hold its value and be more than useful 7 years from now, that makes more sense than financing a car/truck for that long. With the way these things hold their value, you would probably be right-side up immediately. Then again, if you had to sell for what you owed, you would be out the trade, taxes, etc. that you brought to the table. Still a very palatable arrangement if this is what you need and plan to have for the long run.

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    I just bought mine two months ago on that deal. That's the tractor only with if I remember like $3500 down which I did not do. In the end I got the 1023e with H120 FEL 53" bucket and 54d auto connect for $180/month like I said, with nothing down.
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    I figured most people did the 5 annual payments thru JDF.

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    Got mine with a FEL for $99 a month, don't know whats wrong with you guys.......

    Click image for larger version. 

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    --- Ed ---

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    My local dealer is advertising the 1025R with H120 and 60D for 209.99. 0 down, and 0% for 84 months with approval.

    I went for that package, but opted for 60 months at 0 down and 0%, but threw $500 down to drop my payments to a round number, including insurance.

    The 60 month deal was more appealing to me because when it's paid off, there will still be one year on the power train warranty. Hence, higher trade or resale value.

    Do not forget, these advertised "payments" will not include insurance. It is an expensive purchase, and Deere Financial will require insurance. At least they did with mine.

    I sold my X475 outright, rather than trading, and used the cash to pay off another loan. At the end of the day, my purchase isn't even noticeable in my monthly budget.
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