1000 Hr Engine Service
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    1000 Hr Engine Service

    Good day all.
    If ya remember last yr I loaned out my tractor and the trans fluid came back Fried (Black) and the forward valve was bad. I replaced the fluid, filter, and cleaned the screen three times since and all seems OK. Was ran in 90* heat for days with broken trans fan.
    I am coming up on 1000 hours (980) and have notice a slight loss of power when mowing. Not bogging like with the trans issue. Just not like new.
    Anyway how bad is the 1000 hr engine service. I've read about valve adjustment and injector cleaning? Can this be a cause of power loss? I also noticed it runs a little rich, slight smoke at start up which I never got before. ALWAYS starts on 1st or 2nd turn though(GREAT)!

    I do use Power Service Diesel Supplement with every tank of fuel from day one.
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    By bad being difficult? I don't think either the valve adj or replacing the injectors is difficult. I have not read up on either but injectors can be cleaned with an additive and if i was pulling then to do that I would just replace them, like I do in a car, the labor is the main cost.

    My mechanical friends never touch them unless they go bad and than only do one at a time...But that is because they make their money through labor.
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